A new statute in Offing for Rwandan Teachers


The Rwanda Ministry of Education has announced plans to publish a new and specialized statute that will guide Rwandan teachers, who have for many years been following the statue of other civil servants.

The announcement was made by Olivier Rwamukwaya, the Country’s State minister for education who said that the special statue will be aimed at focusing on the problems of teachers and it is set to improve their welfare.

“The ministry has already come up with a draft statute, with the help of the ministry of labor, and the new statue will be published as soon as possible,” Rwamukwaya said.

The new statue will ensure that benefits for teachers; such as allowances, and promotions according to the performance, level of education and increment in salaries are effected.

Rwamukwaya said that the new statue will also emphasis strengthening the already existing teacher based support programmes such as the teacher’s savings cooperative-Umwalimu sacco- where teachers will access soft loans, without following guidelines of other civil servants.

One of the teachers, Fred Masengesho, a lecturer at Umutara University told this website that the government has thought positively of educationalists and the move will improve their social welfare.

“The status of a teacher in Rwanda will improve surely. We have been influential in the society but with nothing to show, and this has made us to be overlooked for many years,” Masengesho said.

During the 2015 national dialogue, the government agreed to put its focus on improving the education system and building foundations that will propel the country’s development through education.