ADF rebels regrouping in DRC


Uganda Police Spokesman Fred Enanga

Uganda Police has ordered for reinforced deployment at the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo following intelligence reports that a group believed to be the Allied Democratic Front rebels is reportedly regrouping in North Kivu Province of the vast central African country.

Fred Enanga, the Uganda Police Force Spokesperson says they have received information from the Congolese police showing that the rebels have regrouped at their original camp in Isale County in Beni District.

This comes just five months after the rebels were displaced by the Democratic Republic of Congo Army and, according to Enanga the rebels could attempt to take advantage of the tension created by Rwenzururu Kingdom to sneak into Uganda.

Enanga says the rebels who had dispersed to Samboko and Mambasa in Ituri forest, in Oriental Province, were seen at the camp in North Kivu on April 10, 2015.

He says the intelligence indicates that between 20 to 30 armed ADF rebels, some in civilian clothes and others in a green army uniform were seen moving in Kiribata, Bwino and their historical camp at Mwalika forest in Isale County. According to Enanga,

The group is also alleged to have abducted a number of people from Vyoghora village in Mutwanga Sub County on April, 15, 2015, taking them to unknown places.

He says the same night, about 50 rebels crossed from Kyatenga through River Semiliki into their camp. He says an analysis of the intelligence shows that ADF rebels are seriously regrouping and may attempt to attack Uganda, reportedly in revenge for the arrest of their collaborators in Busoga region.

More than 17 suspected ADF members are facing trial for the murder of Muslim clerics in Uganda. They were picked up in a countrywide Police operation in connection to the shooting of Sheikh Abdul Kadir Muwaya, the former top Shia cleric in the country and Mustafa Bahiga, the Kampala District Amir.