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The Ultimate Connection

Frank Higiro

When storms of life strike without warning

In many ways, adversity is like a boot camp; it is rigorous, painful, and challenging. Difficulties cause us to adopt new routines and habits; to mature in physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our being; and to grow in our relationship with the Lord. During times of trial, we need to remain courageous and faithful. […]

Death is a transition into new life for believers

  Have you ever wondered why Christians die? As God’s beloved children, we may wonder why we have to experience death. After all, if Jesus saved us and all our sins are forgiven, shouldn’t we then be able to avoid death—a consequence of sin? What we must understand is that death is not a punishment […]

Finding freedom amidst insecurity

I was sitting on a couch after my assignments and everything I had to do today; then I brooded over what a friend of mine told me on the phone earlier this morning. He said to me that he was worried that if Donald Trump becomes President of the United States, he will have to […]

Are you struggling with managing stress?

Stress is a killer we feel we can’t escape. Our days include distressing situations of all kinds. But my question to you today is, how do you handle stress? Many people try to escape their anxious feelings with medications, drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, or anything that brings relief. But none are truly effective. The ultimate […]

Sowing a seed of faith

In the field of botany, there are two types of seeds—orthodox and unorthodox. What sets an orthodox seed apart is its ability to survive. Unorthodox seeds die when exposed to temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius, but orthodox seeds are able to survive droughts, glaciers, and the ravages of time—even 20 centuries, like Methuselah. Faith, too, […]

Never ever stop praying

Unceasing prayer is a way of life, not an occasional occurrence prompted by trouble or a quick addition at the end of the day. God wants us to focus our attention on Him consistently. In the book of 1 Thessalonians chapter 5 verses 17, Apostle Paul wrote to the believers in Thessalonica who were suffering […]

Faith is the anchor of our salvation?

According to the Scripture, Apostle Paul was Timothy’s spiritual father because he led him to Christ. When they separated, Paul knew that Timothy’s faith would be tested and he wrote him the words we find in 2Timothy chapter 3 verses 14 to 17 and he said, “but as for you Timothy, continue in what you […]

There’s freedom in embracing the truth

God loves you and He has an amazing plan for your life. He wants you to be happy and He wants to bless you, but there’s so much more to His plans and purposes for you than that. First and foremost, God wants a personal relationship with each of us. And He wants us to […]

The ecstasy of obidience

Christians sometimes approach obedience as a way to avoid the negative consequences of disobedience. When this happens, obedience becomes a heavy burden. But God intended our walk of faith to be a thrilling adventure, motivated by our love for Jesus Christ and our desire to please Him. Obedience is about discovering more of God, not […]

How giving could be beneficial

We were taught how to subtract in primary school: take away, and you have less than when you started. Contrary to the laws of mathematics, God tells us that when we give, we’ll receive even more in return. The Holy Scriptures in the gospel; of Luke in chapter 6 verses 38 says “give and it […]

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