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of the devil and the good odds

Margaret Namulyanga

Permission to go to the bush, Mr. President

It is said that the Church Missionary Society (Wangereza/Protestants) once plotted to steal some, if not all of Buganda’s land. Unsuspecting of this plot, Mwanga was to sign an agreement which was to mean one thing to him and another to the Wangereza. The White Fathers (Wafaransa/Catholics) learnt of the plot and implored Mwanga not […]

Forget Museveni and Mbabazi’s lover’s tiff, whoever owns your land is your new daddy

O Uganda! 2016 is upon us like a plague! What with the ‘sorrow’ candidature fanfares, ‘Go Forward’ frenzy, Dr. Besigye’s  u-turn, Mbabazi’s funeral and everything else in between. Mbabazi’s ‘Go Forward’ campaign’s relentlessness only compares to a bride keen on erasing calluses on her husband’s feet on the night of the wedding. Here is a […]

Jesus and Museveni to Simon: “hands off our prostitutes”

It was nearing noon when Simon arrived at God’s residency. For all reasons unknown to man it had chosen to rain today. The murram road leading to the country side ended up in the usual insensitive fashion of all murram roads in the Banana Republic looking like amateurish bricklayer’s project. Simon groaned and grunted as […]

How to eat yams and other dingy lectures

How to eat yams and other dingy lectures

I grew up in a farming community. My first money making venture as a child was farming. I was still a child when I started hearing farmers complaining about single season seeds. No one understood the depth of this problem but all that was marketed before them were improved seeds. My grandmother, in the same […]

In Uganda, Performing Arts may have walked into an open coffin (Part II)

‘So, seeing that during Amin’s presidency performance meant doing something silly, how come Byron Kawadwa was killed because of a play?’I pursued. “That’s misinformation.” Rwangyezi replied. ‘But it said that in Oluyimba lwa Wankoko (Song of Wankoko) Kawadwa made a caricature out of Amin.’ I enthused. “No one has been killed because of their art […]

In Uganda, Performing Arts may have walked into an open Coffin (Part I)

Earlier this year, ‘rumor,’ in form of a Facebook post had it that the management of the Uganda National Cultural Center (UNCC or the National Theatre) was planning on turning the Dance Studio into a boardroom. The post attracted the attention of a number of livid theatre enthusiasts and a one Rushekanengwe who was quick to defend […]

Nationalism; Who gives a rat’s tail about that, the cat or the rat?

Why bother with Nationalism sijui Patriotism when the master’s tool (i.e divide and conquer) has served and sustained the master’s interests? The master divides us into tribes, sub-tribes, countless districts then he turns around and demands patriotism. Try scooping spilt milk off a floor. And for what? What if Nationalism means me losing my benefits as a […]