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Food and pharmaceutical industries systematically degrading ordinary people?

Why don’t we have Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) labels on food items in this day and age? With all the information that we know currently relative to GMOs and their degradation of health, it is concerning that there is not enough uproar to label foods on shelves at grocery stores with GMO tags. Over 90% […]

Cosmic Arena: The Insignificance of our Self-Imagined Importance

Cosmic Arena: The Insignificance of our Self-Imagined Importance

From a cosmic perspective, our world is exceedingly insignificant. Amidst the arrogance of our ignorance on this tiny speck of land suspended on a beam of light, mankind has thus far conceived phenomena that propagate further division rather than unity. On this dot, the conception and promotion of unreal phenomena such as countries, so called […]

The world needs to come to an end

The world needs to come to an end

The other night, while I checked into my local Japanese joint for some much needed sushi – one of the very few things that I missed while on vacation, I met a kind human at the bar who I’ll refer to as JC. After much talk about various topics, JC shared this YouTube clip (https://youtu.be/00lzyvvI_F4). it […]

Your neighbour’s demise, your success?

Your neighbour’s demise, your success?

There is a very peculiar behavior that I have noted in my community. Some people tend to think that they can measure their progress based on the successes and/or failures of their fellow compatriots. Unfortunately, this comparison misconception is not infrequent and in certain instances, it is actually embraced. However, one’s demise will never be […]

Let’s go to church Adam

As pointed out in the previous article, my friend Adam and I went to a church service once upon a time that inadvertently led him to Islam. I on the other hand would be considered irreligious today by most standards of the sanctimonious do-gooders. However, I have a sermon as an apology to my friend. […]

The stroke that broke the camel’s back in Church

In the wake of recent events surrounding the peculiar activities of pastors and bible thumping do-gooders across the globe, it behooves anyone who has reached the age of thinking to review the men and women of the cloth who are usually the intermediary between the tenets of one’s chosen dogma and recipients of the philosophy. […]

A memorable night at Pangani Police Station-Part 1

One Friday night, below the dark skies of Nairobi, Hannington (Hanni) and I are sitting on the doorsteps of gate 72C skylarking and talking about the things that usually occupy teenagers. Our peers had been summoned back to their houses at the end of daylight. Unlike most of the other kids in the neighborhood, the […]

Tribalism;the inconspicuous elephant in Kenya’s living room

Early in the morning, she is singing her lungs out to one of the hits by a local band whose tunes make her brave the cold water dripping on her back from the shower head. To her roommates, her squealing soprano feels like a cat clawing on iron sheets. The inevitable challenges of the day […]