Belgium to cut aid to Burundi if Nkurunziza runs for president

President Nkurunziza in action

President Nkurunziza in action

The Belgian government has threatened to cut all aid to Burundi if President Pierre Nkurunziza goes ahead and runs for a third controversial term.

“A third presidential term would stain at the highest level the legitimacy of the Burundi executive and would make the completion of the bilateral programme impossible,” Belgian foreign ministry said in a statement.

Belgium is the number one donor to Burundi, two weeks ago, the European country suspend its support to the Burundi Electoral process over the fact that the government in Bujumbura government was reluctant to move the forthcoming polls despite ongoing violence. Burundi received more than $50 million in 2013 from its former colonial power.

Meanwhile today one protestor was shot dead in Bujumbura, the protests which were sparked by Nkurunziza’s decision to run for a third term have claimed more than 20 people. And thousands have fled the country seeking refuge in Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Despite calls from the opposition, protestors, regional leaders and donors, President Nkurunziza has changed his mind as far as running for president is concerned. And the government is not willing to postpone the general election set for June 26.

Also today, pictures surfaced of President Nkurunziza playing football amidst chaos and deaths in his country.