Body, mind, & soul; understanding yourself and how this introspection influences today’s music and trends

I was inspired to seek insight on this subject after having a discussion on the holy trinity with a pastor recently who went on to tell me that human beings are also a trinity. The deeper I understood it the more I understood myself and people.

Shortly put our body is our flesh. Our material nature that interacts with the world. Our soul is what makes us who we are. It is two-fold and it bears our mind and emotions. This is where what we feel, our will, our drive, our motivation and logic thinking lives. Then we have our spirit. This is the part of us that connects with God. It responds to the things that come from the Spirit of God, understanding and discerning them spiritually.

Now, our bodies work very simply and direct. Input-output, action-reaction. I punch you and you feel pain. You drink you get drunk. Your soul, which has your mind and emotions, requires a bit of process.
Your mind has to think first and your emotions have to feel first. But the standards of both the body and soul can be changed over time. You can change how your body reacts to things, you can change how you think and also you can change what you feel about things.

However, the spirit is absolute and only aligns itself to God. The spirit cannot be changed but can be either alive or dead ie spiritually alive or dead.

So let’s say a lady is sexually involved with a person. She has mixed feelings. Why? If the sex was good your body will be shouting YES! But maybe in your soul you have no true feelings/emotions for the person. Or maybe you do have feelings but your logical mind is telling you that his broke ass is not good for you or his addiction to heroin will make it hard to stay in a relationship. On the other hand he can be very handsome, all the good sex in the world and on mars, financially stable, clean man but your spirit feels disturbed. It just feels that something is off. It might just be that something isn’t adding up or because of the guy’s beliefs or maybe the nature of your relationship.

Perhaps you feel that you should really get married first. Don’t just listen to voices inside you, know where these voices are coming from. You both love each other and no one will arrest you, you also enjoy the sex but you just feel uncomfortable because you feel that it is wrong to live in fornication.

That’s the spirit speaking. Or you can find that righteous god fearing brother and you really like him but he just doesn’t swing it like your cheating ex (most likely some guy called Kevin or Steve). He’s nice and all but a sister doesn’t mind getting her broke dude back once in a while. That’s your flesh speaking. Or the brother is the righteous god fearing kind and you even waited until marriage for the sex which you found heavily anointed glory halleluja, but you just don’t feel the guy. That’s the soul speaking. When you’re spiritually dead, questions of morality never bother you and also spiritual matters generally appear as foolishness. Like have you ever tried to open a document with notepad and it brought this codes that don’t make sense? When you are operating at optimum spirituality then you still maintain your body and soul only that your desires and motivation is guided spiritually.

So the real question is which voice is leading you? This understanding has helped me have clearer vision in a lot of things like the current music trends that we have today. Music also has 3 fundamental parts in its make up; melody, harmony and rhythm. Very loosely we can say melody appeals to the spirit, harmony to the soul & rhythm to the flesh. That’s why for example you can find yourself nodding your head or tapping your foot to a song you don’t like. You don’t feel it in your soul but your body feels the rhythm. The first thing that has been slowly killed in society is spirituality. It has been made to appear like witchcraft and was approached with superstition. People in a quest of exercising liberty seek out to act in the interests of their feelings and desires, have the freedom to think for themselves rather than in alignment with spiritual standards. They compromise their spirit in favor of their body and soul.

Therefore, for music to stay relevant over the years, it has invested more in rhythm and harmony at the expense of melody. For instance you can’t compare the melodic content of music in the 50’s 60’s 70’s with that of classical music in the centuries before.

The most significant form of freedom of expression, thinking and feeling and rhythm is Jazz music. Very rich and complex harmonies and rhythms. But this thinking and feeling was has been killed in society.
Media passively dictate to people what to think and feel. As opposed to when people want to be free to love. Now the whole story of love has been dismissed as a fictitious pursuit.

It is made to look like you are weak and naïve to believe in falling in love. Women are told not to marry who they love but marry a rich man who is good in bed. Compromise the soul for the body. People are not allowed to think or feel, just lend their bodies to trends. Today’s technology encourages less thinking to get things done. People rather than follow passions and callings follow money. The soul has also been killed only leaving the flesh active.

So melody has gone down with the spirit, and harmony with the soul. That leaves us with the flesh which responds to rhythm. That is why the music of today is just strong beats, boom twaff all over the place, a little harmony for the little soul left in you and even less melody for the spirit. So now you know why these days they just don’t make music like they used to… … it’s because we are not the people we used to be. People think I’m silly when I say you need to minister to people first as humans if ever you want your music to change them. It’s more than hits and money. It’s about our very being.

In closing I encourage you to try this experiment. Anytime you are about to do or say something ask yourself which part of you is talking. Take note of who always talks and who remains silent. You will find it very interesting.