Braeburn school opens in Dar es Salaam


Braeburn, an international school teaching British curriculum, has opened a branch in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania promising to provide quality education to all children.

Speaking to the press Saturday, the School Head Teacher Scott Webber said, no student shall be required to sit for an entry test.

“Braeburn philosophy is different, we are a school and therefore we have responsibility to educate all children. It doesn’t matter whether a child is bright or is struggling, they all deserve the chance to be educated and this is probably what makes us to be different from many other reputable schools,” Webber said

Braeburn group has been operating in East Africa since 1979 having seven branches in Kenya and they have one in Arusha, Tanzania.

“Braeburn is a group of schools which is guided by teachers. Our Managing Director is a teacher, Our Chief Executive Officer is a teacher, and our Education Manager is also a teacher by profession. Everything we do at the group level is driven by desire to do the best for our children,” he added.

The Group Managing Director Rob Williams said the school is employs a range of approaches instill confidence in children to make them responsible and useful members of society in the future.

“We have a better understanding of children. It’s very easy to teach a child when is happy, if the child is not happy the next day he or she won’t come to school and that is why we would make sure that the children are happy all the time. We have got a group of staff in our Dar es Salaam school teaching force that can develop those attitudes, skills and values to children,” he said