Burundi, Belgium row deepens as ruling party accuses latter of plotting coup

Burundi Government Spokesman, Willy Nyamitwe

BELGIUM RUINED BURUNDI: Government Spokesman, Willy Nyamitwe Brussels has played a major role in sowing conflict and division in the Central African nation

President Pierre Nkurunziza’s party CNDD-FDD has openly blasted Belgium for working hand in hand with fugitives from the Central African nation to overthrow the current government.

Specifically, CNDD-FDD says Brussels is hell bent on bringing former President Pierre Buyoya, who they (ruling party leaders) claim was a puppet of the former colonial power.

In a statement issued Thursday, the party’s spokesman, Daniel-Gelase Ndabirabe, said Belgium European Parliament Representative Louis Michel is conniving with wanted Burundian humanitarian Marguerite Barankitse and Buyoya to create chaos Burundi in an effort to ensure regime change.

The strong allegation comes as response to remarks by Michel and two other colleagues in Brussels last week warning of an impending genocide in Burundi, backing foreign troop intervention and change in presidency based on ethnicity.

“The idea of ethnic alternation to power is just a reflection of the colonizers’ theory which affirmed there are people born to rule, while others are born to be subjects,” Ndabirabe said vowing the ruling party will strongly fight the “divisive and destructive ideology.”

CNDD-FDD claims Louis Michel is behind hate-filled fliers circulating across Burundi calling on the Hutu majority to exterminate the Tutsi. The ruling party cites a recent incident in the central province of Karusi, where a Tutsi man was nabbed spreading the incendiary fliers in different areas of the provincial city.

“This incident portrays that all those spreading this massive extermination plan of a category of the population with just a sole intention of putting an end to the democratically elected power are just inspired by their financial supporters, namely Louis Michel and his allies,” CNDD-FDD statement reads in part adding the whole plot is about appeasing the Buyoya and Barankitse camp.

The ruling party cautions Belgium that bringing Pierre Buyoya back to power would tantamount to the continuation of the deadly genocide ideology.

CNDD-FDD abhors the former president who they accuse of crimes against humanity namely the 1988 Ntega-Marangara massacres, and the 1993 military coup that overthrew killed the first democratically elected president, Melchior Ndadaye, a Hutu.

Major Pierre Buyoya ruled Burundi for a combined 13 years making him the country’s longest serving leader. He led from 1987 to 1993 and again 1996 to 2003. In both occasions Buyoya assumed power through military coups.

According to President Nkurunziza’s party the Belgian government stood idly by as the above mayhem befell Burundi.

Suffice to note that there is no love lost between Bujumbura and Brussels, throught the course of the current conflict the authorities in Belgium has opposed President Nkurunziza’s third term bid and the former colonial power has cut aid to its former colony thanks to Nkurunziza’s victory in the presidential election.

In turn, Burundi has publicly accused Belgium of Masterminding a genocide in the country in 1972 and sowing seeds of divisionism and hatred between the country’s two ethnic groups; Hutu and Tutsi.

As the crisis has escalated, Belgium has warned its 500 citizens to evacuate the conflict-blighted nation along with the European Union asking non-essential staff and their families to leave. These decisions have infuriated Burundi’s leaders who say Belgium has abandoned them after ruining their country.

“The Belgians did not only sow divisions in the hearts of Burundians… but on top of that they would whip Burundians in front of their families,” CNDD-FDD said in a fiery statement last month.

The government in Burundi has also implicated Belgium in the May 13 failed coup lambasting its number one development partner for harbouring the leaders of the attempted coup.

“We blame Belgium because all the plotters of the coup are in Belgium. The Belgians have given them accommodation and are looking after them. We blame them for the coup,” Willy Nyamitwe the government spokesman was quoted as saying in November.