Burundi coup mastermind claims grenade attacks’ responsibility

Major General Niyombare, Coup Leader in Burundi

Major General Niyombare, Coup Leader in Burundi, he is reportedly in hiding in Burundi

General Leonard Ngendakumana, a deputy to the leader of the May 13 foiled coup in Burundi has revealed renegade generals are behind the string of recent grenade attacks that have rocked the capital Bujumbura and other parts of the county.

In an interview with Kenya Television Network (KTN) Sunday July 5, Gen. Ngendakumana said their disastrous failure in the May attempted coup has motivated them to resort to grenade attacks as a last ditch effort to force President Pierre Nkurunziza out of power.

“After we saw that we could not succeed, it was necessary to keep fighting to force Nkurunziza to resign and drop the third term bid, but when we saw that he is not going to resign we organized ourselves to keep fighting him, and that’s why these actions (grenade attacks) have been going on” he said.

The general goes on to warn that our intension is to intensify them until Nkurunziza understands that he must go”

The recent grenade attacks have led to deaths and injuries of both the police and civilians.

Ngendakumana says if President Nkurunziza does not listen to the demands of the opposition and protestors and drop his controversial third term bid, they will not hesitate organizing an armed struggle against him and his government.

The generals on May 13 mounted an attempted coup when the president was in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania attending the first heads of state summit on the situation in Burundi, but Nkurunziza managed to quash the mutiny and triumphantly returned to Bujumbura.

President Nkurunziza has skipped all subsequent regional leaders meetings in Tanzania including one held Monday July 6.

He also did not attend the just concluded 25th African Union Summit in Johannesburg South Africa, in which Burundi was top on the agenda.

Major General Godefroide Niyombare, the leader of the coup announced on private radio and televisions stations in Burundi he was “dismissing” the president and taking over as interim leader of the country.

The media outlets that gave the generals airwaves have since been attacked by security forces and shutdown.

The general’s threat of an armed rebellion in Burundi come as confirmation to recent reports of a possible military attack on Burundi.

The reports have been making rounds on social media but the Burundian Military in June dismissed these reports as “ill-intentioned fabrications”. The military has also assured Burundians of security and protection in case of an attack.

“From our intelligence, there is practically no sign of a possible attack. However, in case anyone would be plotting an attack, it’s their business, but we’d like to tell them that all defense and security forces are fully prepared to protect the country.” Colonel Gaspard Baratuza, Spokesman of the Burundian Military was quoted as saying in June.