Burundi deadly violence rages on, 8 killed

Burundi police and military carry out a joint operation in Musaga, a Bujumbura suburb

Burundi police and military carry out a joint operation in Musaga, a Bujumbura suburb

At least eight people including one policeman and three assailants were killed several others injured in a series of shootings in the Burundian capital Bujumbura Sunday night.

The Burundian security forces and unknown group of armed men exchanged heavy gunfire Sunday night in the opposition stronghold of Musaga, and in Bujumbura city centre.

According to the police spokesman, Pierre Nkurikiye, the violence was triggered by attacks on police posts in several areas across the capital Bujumbura.

He said at around 10:00 pm local time a group of unknown gunmen attacked a police post in Musaga, killing one person and injuring another.

Another fight ensued at the City Mayor’s residence in Rohero at 1:00 am Monday morning where three hand grenades and one rocket grenade were detonated but no victims were reported except damages to his vehicle and house.

Four people were shot and killed at a nightclub in Bwiza area by yet another group of unidentified assailants at around 11:00 pm Sunday night.

“We were at that bar, we heard them advancing, firing heavily, shouting and shouting, we can’t know why they were firing,” a local resident told this website.

“we abruptly heard gunshots; those who were able to run escaped, those who could not just laid down, they came shooting and we don’t know what they were looking for,” said one bar employee.

The police spokesman also says the police managed to kill three gunmen and injured another 2.

Another attack took place in Mutakura, an opposition stronghold where a group of unknown gunmen threw a grenade at police patrol men injuring four, according to the police spokesman.

Turmoil raged on in the capital Bujumbura this Monday in Musaga, Buyenzi and Kamenge neighbourhoods as security forces battled unknown gunmen, several people including police officers were injured in these confrontations.

In Musaga, grenade explosions continued untill around 11:00 am forcing the cancellation of the 2nd vice-President’s visit.

Pierre Nkurikiye says police seized various military tools including two rifles, four magazines, and military uniforms.

Security remained tight in several parts of the capital, particularly in Musaga where the military and police deployed heavily.

These incidents coupled with recent escalation of deadly violence in Burundi have cemented regional and international community’s fears the country is on the brink of a civil war or genocide.

As a result, the African Union and the United Nations and considering mobilizing and deploying a peacekeeping force to Burundi.