Burundi Electoral Commission VP flees to Rwanda

Spes-Caritas-Ndironkeye, Former Vice President of the National Independent Election Commission (CENI), she has fled the country

Spes-Caritas-Ndironkeye, Former Vice President of the National Independent Election Commission (CENI), she has fled the country

The Vice President of the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI), Spes-Caritas Ndironkeye, has fled the country. She left Burundi Friday evening, resignation letter. Efforts to obtain the resignation letter  or to hear from the Rwandan authorities if indeed she is in Rwanda, were futile by press time but Afrika Reporter is working its sources and will definitely bring you any updates on this development.

Ms Ndironkeye is the second Burundian top government official to flee to Rwanda in the course of the ongoing turmoil. She joins Sylvère Nimpagaritse, the former Vice President of the country’s Constitutional Court who sought refugee in Kigali at the onset of the protests when he opposed the court’s decision to validate President Nkurunziza’s third term candidacy.


Sylvère Nimpagaritse, ex- Vice President of Burundi’s Constitutional Court. He fled to Rwanda earlier this month

CENI’s Vice President’s sudden disappearance comes after the Catholic Church bishops and the European Union, and may donors have withdrawn their support (both financial and technical) from the country’s electoral process saying protests and the prevailing conflict in the country cannot allow a peaceful, and free and fair election.

The opposition in Burundi, regional leaders and international community have urged President Nkurunziza, his government and the Electoral Commission to postpone the June general election in vain.

The Bujumbura government led by President Nkurunziza remains adamant the electoral calendar will be observed, Nkurunziza and his government argue, the ongoing protests are confined to a small portion of the capital Bujumbura as the rest of the country is peaceful.

Contrary to the government and Nkurunziza’s position that more than 99% of the country is peaceful and therefore the election should go on as planned, about 200,000 Burundians have been forced out of their homes and country.

Majority of the refugees are in Rwanda and Tanzania, but the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Uganda and hosting thousands

Electoral calendar aside, several voices are urging the Burundian leader to drop his third term bid as protestors have vowed they will march until he does so. The ruling party CNDD-FDD’s decision to nominate Nkurunziza as its flag bearer in the forthcoming election triggered the ongoing protests over a month ago.

And despite the rising death toll, the bombings, utter destruction, the refugee exodus and the dysfunction the move has caused, the president remains defiant he is running and that the constitution allows him, after all, the country’s constitutional court has validated his candidacy.

Meanwhile, East African leaders are due to meet in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Sunday in an effort to try and draw some concrete proposals on how to resolve the Burundi conflict that is spiraling out control day by day.




  • dsyliver

    This two big guys, on Burundi election, their decision to flee the country symbolise a serious situation contrary to Nkurunzinza’s view. Ideally i doubt the court decision and more of alike Nkurunzinza. I mean people would have remained silent and straight forward at the ballot box vote for the opposition administration. However that would be possible actually like always in several African countries — branders and Nkurunzinza would stand toll. Hope this is why people are in endless protest.