Burundian military quashes defection claims

Burundian Military

Burundian Military

The Burundi National Defense Forces (FDN) has denied claims making round on social media over possible massive defections of military members to unknown destination, in the wake of the may failed coup.

In a press statement issued this Friday, Colonel Gaspard Baratuza, the FDN spokesperson, said all troops are carrying on their defense related duties as usual and that no soldier has defected or demoted in rank.

He said most of the soldiers who even fled following the May 13 foiled coup have all returned to their respective barracks.

Over the past few days, rumors have been circulating on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp that a significant number of military members was deserting, and that there was an impending rebel attack on the country.

In addition there has been unverified reports that the Army Chief of Staff had been fired.

In response to these reports, many Burundians have been preparing themselves to flee; they have been preparing their travel documents just in case anything happens.

“I just want to be ready, you never know anything can happen in this country now days, a lot has happened in the past month, so who knows what’s next?” Anastase Bamenyamungu, a 43 year old primary school teacher and longtime Bujumbura resident told this website.

Colonel Baratuza refutes all these allegations, calling them fabrications disseminated by ill-intentioned enemies of the state to destabilize the military and the population.

“We would like to take this opportunity to calm everyone that the security situation throughout the whole country is under full control of the security and defense forces.” Col. Baratuza said

Ready to defend the nation: Burundian military

Ready to defend the nation: Burundian military

On the looming rebel attack specifically, the Burundian Military boss said according to the available intelligence, there is no possible attack whatsoever but he nonetheless warned those who might be thinking along those lines.

“From our intelligence, there is practically no sign of a possible attack. However, in case anyone would be plotting an attack, it’s their business, but we’d like to tell them that all defense and security forces are fully prepared to protect the country.”  Col. Baratuza stated