Comedian Kansiime set to crack some ribs in Kigali


Kabale girl with her awards in Sydney, Australia last year


She is one of the finest in the business of making people laugh and this time around she is bringing her talent to Kigali. Comedy lovers in the land of a thousand hills get ready, East Africa’s queen of comedy Anne Kansiime is coming your way June 6th.

She took to her Facebook to announce the show. She told her fans to get ready for an action packed performance.

‘My ninjas (fans) deal done get ready for new jokes and plenty of entertainment from your Kabale girl on 6th at Serena hotel,” she posted

This will be the third time Kasiime is performing in Rwanda. Thanks to Decent Entertainment the award winning comedian is getting ready to thrill her ninjas.

CEO of Decent Entertainment Alex Muyoboke says “her jokes portray the real life of our communities and no doubt she has changed many in a positive way, her show in Kigali is meant for entertainment but also educative purposes especially to the youth,” says Alex Muyoboke, CEO, Decent Entertainment.

Kasiime will share the stage with Rwanda’s king of comedy Arthur Nkusi.

Kansiime was recently awarded a Silver Play Button by Youtube for having 100,000 subscribers on the social media giant.