Dar sewerage corp. to replace 45,000 water meters

Dar es Salaam Water and Sewerage Corporation (Dawasco) is set to reinstall 45,000 water meters in the city to seal the sizeable gap between the volume of water billed to clients vis a vis water supplied.

The corporation’s public relations officer, Everlasting Lyaro told Afrika Reporter the plan will be executed anytime. “We asked the devices from the Dar es Salaam Water Sewerage Authority—Dawasa and are ready for installation.”

Lyaro maintains the exercise will address inaccurate meter readings that have led to loss of revenue and disputes between the utility company and its clients.

The new meters, according to the officer will be put in hotels, new business structures (buildings), and new customers’ homes. Others will replace defective and stolen devices.

The announcement comes few weeks after the utility company has been accusing big hotels and businesses of not paying their water bills.

Dawasco has revealed effectively this month all domestic water users at household level in the city will be put to mobile based water billing system for efficiency.

Dawasco, says the corporation resolved to adopt ‘SMS Billing’ initiative to meet the demand of rapidly expanding urban population and to utilize mobile money.