Egypt’s Morsi sentenced to death

Mohammed Morsi

Mohammed Morsi

Egypt is set to witness the first official execution of a former president in modern times, if religious leaders acquiesce to a court ruling sentencing Mohammed Morsi to death.

Morsi, who belonged to the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood organisation, was the first democratically elected president of the North African nation.

His death sentence is in regard to a prison break in 2011 and leaking state secrets.

However, in Egypt all death sentences must be approved by the highest religious authority, the Grand Mufti.

Morsi, 64, was elected president in 2012 and barely a year into the presidency he was overthrown by the army led by Field Marshal Abdel Fatah Al Sisi, the current president, after former president allegedly ‘increased’ his powers.

Morsi’s rule was characterized by mass protests, making his stay at the helm of the Egyptian presidency untenable.