France releases Genocide suspect, Rwanda furious


FREE MAN: Dr. Charles Twagira, Genocide suspect released by a French court recently

FREE MAN: Dr. Charles Twagira, Genocide suspect released by a French court recently

Rwanda’s prosecution office and Paris based organization Le Collectif des Parties Civiles pour le Rwanda (CPCR) which advocates for the rights of Genocide survivors have been infuriated the release of a high profile genocide suspect, Dr. Charles Twagira, by a French court on May 22, 2015.

Rwanda’s Prosecutor General, Richard Muhumuza describes the release as “unfortunate” and said that Rwanda will not give up on pursing such suspects notwithstanding actions of countries like France.

We are not surprised by the decision but will not relent in our pursuit of Genocide perpetrators wherever they are” Muhumuza said in a statement.

Sympathizing with Rwanda, CPCR said in a statement that for 15 years, the group has witnessed rulings that seem incomprehensible and totally unfair, but they will not give up.

CPCR President Alain Gauthier says Twagira’s release is inconsistent with true justice.

“We especially feel for the families of victims. We could not imagine that, given the charges against him, Twagira could be released. We counted on the course of justice to tell the truth, but this decision casts doubt on the state of mind and serenity of the French magistrates,” Gauthier said

Twagira who is accused of various counts of Genocide, Complicity in Genocide and Complicity in crimes against humanity, worked at a hospital in the city of Rouen upon his apprehension. He had also been naturalized as a French citizen.

He was arrested in 2009, when CPCR sued him for involvement in the Genocide.

During the 1994 Genocide, Twagira worked as Regional Health Director in former Kibuye Prefecture, western Rwanda, where he allegedly ordered the killings of tens of thousands of people, especially as they sought refuge in the hospital he managed.

This case will not help the ever fragile relationship between Rwanda and France as the former insists the latter played a significant role in the Genocide and it has never owned up to it.

In the past the two countries have severed ties over this issue.

In April, the French Presidency ordered release of all the classified documents on the about the 1994 Rwandan Genocide hoping to satisfy Kigali authorities but even then Rwandans expressed doubt the French could release all authentic (“undoctored’) documents, documents that might end up implicating France in the killi