Homosexuality: you can be gay but…

I do have a couple of gay and lesbian friends. Interesting and respectable people. These friends of mine can tell for sure that even though I am not a supporter of homosexuality I am not hateful towards them. I approach them like I would any other person. However I do have a problem when they attack the bible or claim some rights which I think some are not justified.

So first of all I will hang up my Christian boots for a minute. I know referencing the bible to gay folks only begets rolling eyes. But let’s talk nature, yes good old Mother Nature. She’s the bigot (remember the new word I learned?) over here.

Churches have changed their doctrine to ordain gay clergy and the conservative laws have been changed to recognize your rights and allow you to marry but its Mother Nature who goes like, ‘Bring your gay ass up in here and I’ll make sure you never breed.’ These are not my words just Mother Nature being herself.
Someone dismissed me as being old fashioned in a discussion about homosexuality and told me that humans have evolved and this fellow got into evolution theories and how we came from monkeys and continue to evolve.

So I googled evolution and this is the definition I found “Evolution is change in the heritable traits of biological populations over successive generations.” And heritable was described as -(of a characteristic) transmissible from parent to offspring.

If you were to put pure homosexuals in a continent of their own there would be no offspring, therefore no successive generations and therefore no heritable nothing. No human would exist past a generation. So let’s rule out evolution. And also I think we can say that homosexuality is not equal to heterosexuality as it is redundant to human existence and propagation of life.

So a homosexual needs a heterosexual to be but a heterosexual doesn’t need a homosexual to be, in fact homosexuals can reproduce nothing.

That is why gays are a minority. Because even for their own survival heterosexuality has to be kept alive otherwise the whole human population will die out. For every single gay sexual encounter it took two heterosexual encounters to make the gay sex even a possibility.

Leave science alone what about what you love? Obama said we shouldn’t judge someone based on who or what they love. That’s very misleading. The terrorists killing people do it because they love their god and religion and they are judged for this love. One of my favorite songs is ‘The heart Is Not So Smart’. I am not saying that gay people are wrong to love one another.

Even straight people if they allow their hearts’ desires to lead them can end up in wrong situations. All I am saying is that human beings have proven that they cannot be trusted with their own feelings and freedoms.
If you study government and the concepts behind it there is a place that explains how people did not even trust themselves with their own freedom and therefore to have order in society they had to willingly submit themselves under some authority to keep themselves in check.

When I grew older I started drinking and having sex. I wondered why there were age restrictions against such. As in I just had fun and I never really got into anyone’s business. Until I came to see the truth of the matter and how many lives such freedoms cost and I am ever grateful to my parents for putting such restrictions in my life.

So if you’re going to be gay, be gay, but I am not sure you should advocate for freedoms of people to act how they wish in the interest of their hearts and what they love. Not everyone is like you. You may have harmless interests but the next person to claim this right might be your very death.