How do you respond in face of trials?

You have heard people telling you that it will be okay even when you are hurting. Others tell you not to worry because God is in control of whatever difficulty you are going through. You should thank God that there is actually someone who has chosen to be positive and bold for you. The German writer and statesman Johann Von Goethe once said that, “boldness has genius, power and magic in it”.

It is true that God is in total control even when we face trials. Our trials serve a higher purpose. We can rejoice in trials when we are convinced that God is in control. God wants us to know that He has a grand purpose for allowing difficulties in our life: that we grow spiritually, developing Christ-like character through our perseverance amid trials; that we become equipped to administer to others so affected; and that we trust Him to walk beside us through it all.

Today, I want to open your eyes to God’s will for us when we are in trouble or facing hardships. Our natural reaction to trouble is to seek a way out, but sometimes God has something far more important in mind than our immediate relief. Instead of focusing on escape, we need to figure out what we can learn from the difficult or painful experience. Trials require wisdom because each one brings with it a choice. We can either become bitter and hostile toward God or respond in a way that benefits us.

Apostle Peter addresses his first letter chapter 1 verse 3-8 to people who were undergoing persecution because of their love for Christ; he encouraged them by explaining what was of utmost importance—an imperishable inheritance in heaven. In light of their present salvation and this future hope, they could actually rejoice even in the midst of their trials. The testing of their faith was more precious than gold because it would result in praise, glory, and honour at the coming of Jesus. When they saw the situation through the Lord’s eyes and responded wisely, they benefited from their trials.

When pain and difficulty come our way, we need to turn to God for wisdom—to discern the source, purpose, and proper response to our trials. When we fail to understand God’s purpose for our trials, we’ll see them as negative; we won’t understand the Lord’s ways; our pain will seem pointless; we’ll miss His blessing; we’ll feel defeated, helpless, disappointed, victimized, and controlled by others.

Trials accomplish God’s good purpose by proving our faith; testing our devotion; purifying our lives; allowing God to show us His strength in our lives; developing Christ-like characteristics; and equipping us to help others through similar difficulties. We need wisdom to discern the proper response to our trials. If we value comfort over character, the material over the spiritual, and live for the present instead of the future, our priorities aren’t right, and we won’t seek wisdom.

Wisdom can help us discern the source of our hardships and the purpose of them. It also guides us in how to respond to our troubles. Learn to let the wisdom of God direct your actions and experience the peace that comes with living according to the will of God.

Apostle Paul writes to Romans in chapter 8 verse 28 and says, “We know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose”

The author is a Graduate Student of Sociology at the University of Pennsylvania and a preacher of the Word of God.