How good are supplements to fitness?

Knowledge is power, and the more you know about something the better and smarter the decision you will make. As a USN Kenya Ambassador I decided today- after the USN training we recently had from experts from South Africa-to share the knowledge I acquired about supplements with all of you.

What is USN? USN or Ultimate Sports Nutrition is a sports nutrition company based in South Africa. They are currently the second largest nutrition company in Europe, actively available in 20 countries. USN is available in 50 countries on 3 continents.

Why take supplements?

1. Supplements make up for your dietary shortfall
2. Assist with recovery, energy balance, muscle tissue development and fat mass loss.
3. Supplements help because usually our food sources are denatured and damaged through the process of manufacturing, so we can no longer guarantee their impact on diet.
4. Because of erratic chewing habits, insufficient chewing of food, eating on the run and even stress contribute to poor eating habits and that is where supplementation comes in.
5. To gain extra nutrients

Here is a range of some of the best and widely used USN supplements that would help with any and many of your fitness and health goals.

• Diet Fuel Ultra Lean

-Helps prevent catabolism.
-Snack replacement: to be taken in between meals.
-It helps stabilize sugar levels.
-Contains HCA, chromium and calcium.
-25g protein/11g carbs/5g fibre


-Can be used IF a meal is missed, but not regularly.
-Very effective with a well-balanced meal plan and exercise regime.
-1-2 servings as snack in between meals.

• Muscle Fuel STS

-For weight maintenance or weight gain.
-This supplement can be used by younger people (15-16 yrs).
-As a general snack, because it is a simple and easy carbohydrate and protein blend.
-Has an advanced time release system I.e. Different types of protein like casein and soy.
-It has 4 different types of carbs and 5 different types of protein
-It helps with energy throughout the day.
-Can be used by ladies to gain lean mass


-1-2 scoops of 2-3 servings daily.
-For good mass gain, increase number of servings.
• Fast Grow Anabolic & Hyperbolic Mass

-Good for weight gain purposes and for muscle mass.
-Quite high in calories.
-They are both multi source protein.
-84g of carbs in Fast Grow anabolic and 220g in Hyperbolic Mass.
-The hyperbolic stack which is in hyperbolic mass is what makes it a males only supplement (L-glycine, tribulus terrestrial, taurine creating stack, BCAAs and glutamine) and magnesium.
-Hyperbolic Mass is perfect for the hard gainers with a fast metabolism.
-Fast Grow Anabolic is for lean muscle only.
-As a recovery drink post training.

• Whey Protein Plus

-Good post workout for both men and women.
-Quick release and rapid absorption(isolate absorbs faster than concentrate, hydrolysate whey is even faster absorbing than isolate).
-It has Tolerase L which is good for guys who suffer from lactose intolerance.

• Phedra-Cut Lipo XT

-It increases the body core temperature (capsimax).
-As a weight loss aid.
-Helps control appetite.
-It increases energy.
-Enhances energy turnover (lipids and sugars).
-Individuals with HBP, heart disease and aneurysm SHOULD NOT TAKE this product.
-It contains raspberry ketones, green tea, green coffee bean (slows down production of excess energy from the liver) and slimaluma.

• Cla and Raspberry Ketones

-CLA is an omega 6 derivative that teaches the body to use other fat to burn fat i.e. redirects fats into the energy system to be used for energy.
-48 raspberries equals to one serving of this supplement.
-It maintains lean muscle mass.
-Also supports weight management.


-Use directly after meals about 3 times a day.

• Garcinia Cambogia
-It helps with insulin sensitivity
-As good source of hydroxycitric acids(HCA).
-Helps slow down the process of turning carbs into fats.
-Aids with diabetes control.

• Creatine

-Increases strength and power and also increases water retention.
-Helps increases endurance
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-Creatine usually has a loading phase which I am sure most of you who have used or seen the labels know about. So what is the loading phase about? To put it simply for you, For people who just want to gym for aesthetics you do not need a loading phase. Event endurance athletes need to load, especially one week before event.

USN Pure Fit Range

The first and most important things you need to know about these supplements is that they have:

-NO artificial coloring so
-NO artificial flavorings
-NO preservatives
-NO artificial sweeteners

In simple terms, if the flavorings on the supplement says orange or chocolate it means it is actually gotten from an actual orange or cocoa plant. That is why they are under the PURE FIT line and are considered pure supplements.
In this line we have the following supplements:
• Zero sugar hydrator – boost in electrolyte levels,phosphate balance, increases water holding capacity and hydration levels
• Power and cramp – improves muscle and nerve function, buffers lactic acid, limits post exercise pain, improved energy capacity.
• Enduro – increased glycogen storage, energy availability, rapid energy conversion, also as a training drink.
• Pro Enduro – increases energy and endurance, immediate muscle recovery, optimal muscle activation.
• Recover – enhanced energy system recovery, restores electrolyte balance, prevents delayed on-set muscle soreness.

• Epic pro –( Superman of the pure fit line, the carb blend consists of six sources with varying degrees of uptake, although the majority is fast acting) instant energy systems recovery, enhanced glycogen loading, rapid muscle recovery, restores electrolyte balance, buffers lactic acid and delays fatigue.

• Nrg-bomb – pre and infra-workout formula, delivers explosive energy, improves muscle tissue function(best suited for short distance, time trial or sprint events)

• VO2 max – increased red blood cell production, ATP production, bronchodilation, ventilators breakpoint and oxygen carrying capacity, delays fatigue, buffers lactic acid.