Hypocrisy of the African

Of all the economic problems plaguing his country, Zimbabwe, President Robert Mugabe spares time to fight homosexuality

Of all the economic problems plaguing his country, Zimbabwe, President Robert Mugabe spares time to fight homosexuality

One of the greatest social phenomena of the African is the inability to mind one’s own business. One’s business has always been everybody’s business.

I have had the rare chance in my life to travel and live in different parts of the world, and am always intrigued by the stories am bombarded with in forms updates on what I missed out in my absence from my country, Kenya; they range from who is sleeping with who, who has become rich from stealing from which organization, who is cheating on his wife or husband et al. all personal.

Of course, I listen with an assumed interest having been used to repeating ad infinitum, and on a daily basis, “mind your own business” during the course of my work over in the USA.

The message in John Lennon’s song, Watching the Wheel go round at this point comes to mind and freely recommended to all African leaders.

They should stop giving moral lessons to their subjects as long as they themselves are amoral.

They cannot be called immoral because to qualify as immoral, one must have had morals at some point in time before losing them. Most African leaders never had morals.

It’s no wonder then that Africans have a problem with understanding what the call for respect of gay people’s rights is all about.

Moreover when something appears to question the moral authority of the African, then it will be labeled anti-African. Even when the issue involves violation of fundamental human rights.

It cannot be forgotten how most African “leaders”, most of them are self-appointed strongmen were opposed to women liberation movement as it was “against “African culture for women to enjoy equal rights with men.

There have been occasions when parliamentarians refused to support laws aimed at curbing domestic violence because it is against African customs and traditions.

Is it possible then, that the African governments have no desire in enforcing the universal human rights because they were not written by Africans, and therefore some if not all, do not reflect the African idea of human rights.

These include beating up women in the streets because men don’t like the way they are dressed up in mini-skirts, showing too much skin, which is anti-African, and yet, the African should go naked or nearly naked. Dresses and mini-skirts are not African, goatskins were.

And yet the African has been decrying discrimination since the beginning of history but has no qualms in practicing the same against anybody or any group of people opposed to his devious manipulations! More of that later.

President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe was recently quoted as saying “a smelling vagina is still far better than the neatest anus, homosexuality is a big NO in Africa.”

And the Kenyan Deputy President William Ruto, who is devout Christian was also quoted as saying that the government was going to do all it can to save Kenyans from infiltration of deplorable gaysim. What a joke!

Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni is on record calling homosexuality “disgusting” and condemning oral sex.

I guess the government is to set aside funds to fund sex police to enforce this.

Interestingly, and long before the debate on gay rights started, the coastal people in Mombasa and the islands had waShogas living among them.

So contrary to what African leaders want their subjects to believe, gays are neither an American creation nor are they being introduced to Africa by American.

This makes one wonder what motivates straight married ‘moral’ men to be so passionately vocal in opposition of gay people’s rights to be heard, unless they have secret admiration of the same: Negative psychology, perhaps!

If you don’t drink alcohol, what is it to you if it tastes like water?

Sexual orientation debate and practice are too private and personal for any government to involve itself with. Probably the African misses out on the demands of human rights by the gay community.

Need they be reminded of similar call by sex workers for the rights to be protected under the law?

On many occasions when this call is made, church leaders and other sanctimonious communities’ moral guardians call for abolition of this vise within the African society.

Paradoxically, most Africans claim to be practicing Christians, but seem to simply forget or chose not to know how Jesus dealt with a similar case presented to him over 2015 years ago.

Sex and sexual orientation is a matter of personal choice and African governments must learn to respect these rights, instead of wasting valuable and scarce resources on useless topics.

Assuming this was to succeed, what else will they be saving Africans from? Will they impose a ban on eating of snails and frogs in Africa because they are anti-African?

It is time the African stops being a moral policeman. It is difficult for any man to qualify as moral sheriff and I guess it is for this reason God Himself declares “vengeance is mine”.

In both the Scripture and the Qur’an the message is the same, “Judge not lest you be judged”.

Isn’t it time the African heeded that message?