“I love my African when he is most himself, but when he has to adjust his tie before he shakes my hand, then he is no longer my African”

This I quote from a source I wouldn’t recall, as it is many years since I read it but its message has been etched in my mind.

The African, my African, likes to blow his trumpet on how he freed himself from the slavery of colonial masters. Songs have been composed, and poems written lauding such African heroism. Unfortunately, it’s not so. Colonialism to the African was and is for life.

The colonialist had achieved his mission. By destroying the African culture, and using divide and rule, he didn’t have to stick around the African continent; he had trained the African well enough to take care of fellow African on his behalf.

Regrettably, the African had lost his culture, and had now wholeheartedly embraced his occupier’s culture.

I have heard some Africans claiming that when it comes to cleanness and keeping time, they are white!

Africa is now faced by a more ruthless master, than the colonial one. This can only be said by a person without a culture.

If you are ever unfortunate enough to be supervised (In America or Europe) at work by an African manager, I know you connect with this article.

At a company I worked with, in the US, an African was hired as a supervisor. He couldn’t last two months on the job.

He had an attitude bigger than Mt. Kilimanjaro; talking down on staff and the whole nine yards, and so the company had to let him go in fear of having harassment case filed by staff.

An African boss, like the infamous roman tyrant Caligula was fond of saying, “let them hate us so long as they fear us. “This was prevalent “modus operandi” of the slave owners.

That he lost his culture, there’s no doubt.

In most African people, there were no clothes to wear. Some even today, do not cover their breasts, yet hooligans continue embarrassing women on the street wearing miniskirts, under the guise of pro texting African culture.

What should be African culture is to be half naked as African was never fully covered.
Whenever any African leader is being criticized, for violating his fellow African human rights, the reaction is that whoever is criticizing has no respect for the Africans.

If such criticism is from an African, he will be accused of singing his master’s voice or being paid by his colonial masters to disable the “people’s god chosen David”.
Any criticism is unpatriotic. To some of them, patriotism is mandatory, Moi, former Kenyan dictator comes to mind, or pick any African leader for that matter.
They give the African little or no reason, to love Africa.

Except Nelson Mandela (RIP) of South Africa, most African leaders continue to rape and defile their countries resources with abandon.

The defilement is through high level corruption, or through legislation; for example passing laws that enable them to decide their own remuneration.

It’s no secret that most of them earn two or three times what the US President earns, and yet this is after begging for alms from Washington, DC or London.
Is it surprising then that hardly any capital projects are undertaken as most of the African countries resources, ends up in its leader’s pockets?

How can one justify the fact that the whole continent cannot boast of a single reputable crime lab? And yet almost all the continent’s presidents or as they like being called, excellences, have luxury jets. Luxury jets even when babies have to go without the all-important life-saving vaccinations!

But they have no qualms stepping out of these jets to receive these vaccines being donated by their former colonial masters, who should not ask why those vaccines are not available in the local dispensary?

It’s laughable that all the continent’s leadership consider themselves the Biblical Solomon in wisdom, and they are all God chosen like David.

An old African saying which loose lyrics translates, if the herd’s leader starts limping, the herd might never get to the pasture.

And it is so with the African. Emancipation will remain elusive. His greed keeps him dependent on his former boss.

The African in place of authority is full of hubris, omniscient and omnipotent. This does not matter where. You see it in mistreatment meted on house help by their employers, bar maids, superstore workers etc.

Mr. Kiniti can be reached via E-mail at lkiniti@gmail.com