ICGLR calls for postponement of Burundi election


President Pierre Nkurunziza’s decision to run for a third term has triggered the on going protests. Despite a coup attempt, and massive protests that are not subsiding, the president is yet to change his mind.


The International Conference on the Great Lakes Region, (ICGLR) is calling upon the government of Burundi to postpone the forthcoming election following ongoing turmoil in the country.

During the 9th extraordinary Summit of Heads of states and Government in Luanda, Angola on Monday, the Heads of states and Governments of the ICGLR called on the Burundi to join hands with all stakeholders to set up a favorable atmosphere for peaceful, credible and transparent elections, as inspired by the “ICGLR Pact on Security, Stability and Development in the Great Lakes Region”

Urging all parties in Burundi to put an end to the on-going violence and put forward dialogue and peace,  ICGLR calls on the government of Burundi to respect the constitutional rights of Burundians to express themselves “under the ICGLR Pact on Security, Stability and Development and the Protocol on Democracy and Good Governance to which it is a signatory”.

The ICGLR set up a delegation of Heads of state comprised of South Africa, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, to visit the unstable Burundi in the shortest time, with the task of evaluating the situation and contribute to the peaceful resolution of the ongoing crisis.

Jacob Zuma, the South African President who took part in the Summit estimates that it’s not fair to organize such an election while people are dying every day.

“Even though you have a constitution which defines a clear framework, you cannot enforce it while people are fighting each other; you cannot tell them go and vote while people are fleeing their country,” said Jacob Zuma told the press, adding that the Heads of States and Government came to a consensus that the election should be postponed to an indefinite date.

President Zuma said all efforts should be oriented towards preventing Burundi to fall into another civil war. “Once a solution to the crisis is found, then we can move to elections;” he stated

The Burundian government however, still insists the calendar must be observed, the ruling party CNDD-FDD suggests that the electoral process be delayed just one week as the opposition say for a much longer period.

Meanwhile, anti-3rd term bid protests continued in various parts of Bujumbura, whereby hundreds of demonstrators defied the heavy weaponry of the military to march against the controversial candidacy of President Pierre Nkurunziza.

On top of the fact that people are dying and coup plotters are being locked up, the government has also shut down major private radios, outlets that provided airway to the renegade generals as they announced their doomed coup.

Radios Isanganiro, RPA, Bonesha and Renaissance are banned

The president’s office says all these radio stations will be reopened but after a thorough investigations has been complete in the activities during the coup attempt.