I’m no gold digger; Rwandan singer Gabby speaks out on ‘conman’ label



New kid on the bloc Gabby Umutare is finally breaking the silence on recent rumours doing rounds in local tabloids that he conned a US-based Rwandan girl who has been spoiling him with cash and gifts in the name of love.

The Mesa Kamwe fame was recently torn apart by his ‘girlfriend’ Florence Niyigena who leaked intimate messages to the media claiming that Gabby wasn’t in love with her but her moolah.

GOOD TIMES: Florence and Gabby

GOOD TIMES: Florence and Gabby

Niyigena claims Gabby conned her of among other things an Iphone 6 and over $2000 promising her genuine love, and marriage.

However, in an interview this website, singer Gabby rubbished the conning allegations saying he was truly in love with Ms Niyigena.

“Yes, I was in love with her and all of the things she mentioned in the media that I conned her of, she is the one who gave them to me as gifts and I have never been a gold digger in my life,” visibly furious Gabby said.

The singer says the media stories of him being a ‘conman’ took him by surprise, “I was surprised to see her acting like that all in the name of securing a seat in showbiz as my love yet I didn’t want my private life in media because I got kids that look up to me as their model.”

Gabby says the two “online lovers” met late 2014 via Facebook as Niyigena wooed the singer claiming to be a fan of his music and what started as a Facebook encounter developed into a relationship. Niyigena actually took things to another level and hopped on a Kigali-bound flight to meet her ‘handsome catch’ in person.

“We became close friends and my family had accepted her but she had other intentions to ruin my life but thank God that it did not work out as she planned,” Gabby recounts.

The girl also had started processing relocation of her lover to Kentucky where she lives with her family.

The singer’s first song Ayo Bavuga help him break onto the local entertainment scene and his newly released Music is currently toping charts across the country.

Born Gabby Umutare in 1990, in Burundi, Gabby and his family moved to Rwanda after the war and the Genocide.

The jury is still out though on who’s telling the truth to believe of the two.

Below is the intimate Whatsapp messages Niyigena decided to leak to the hungry media

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