India apologizes over assault of Tanzanian student

Student rally against the attack

Student rally against the attack

The Indian government has apologized to the government and Tanzanians living in India following a mob attack on a Tanzanian student in the southern Indian city of Bangalore on Sunday.

A Tanzanian woman who was in company of three other Tanzanian students in a private car, was attacked by a mob shortly after they arrived at a scene where a Sudanese student’s car was involved in a road accident killing a local woman.

According to a statement issued by Tanzania’s Foreign Affairs Minister Dr Augustine Mahiga in the National Assembly on Friday, the Government in India through its foreign Affairs minister has already taken action including apologizing.

The minister told lawmakers who had tasked government to explain its position regarding what they referred to as ‘a serious assault’, that his office summoned India’s High Commissioner to Tanzania on Thursday over the matter.

“The commissioner confirmed the foreign affairs minister had issued an investigation and that all suspects had been arrested and aligned before court,” Dr Mahiga said.

He added that the Indian foreign affairs ministry also directed that all Tanzanian students in India be accorded special security at their residences and when they head to and from classes. “Our Tanzanian ambassador to India was also requested to hold a meeting in Bangalore alongside foreign affairs officials to clear the air … The meeting was held on Thursday,” he added.

The Tanzanian Parliament came to a near standstill on Thursday after MPs demanded a government explanation on a separate incident involving another Tanzanian who was killed in India. But in response the Minister said preliminary findings show that the Tanzanian citizen was not killed in an attack but died in a road accident after he accidentally hit a traffic light as he drove a motorcycle without wearing a helmet.

Dr Mahiga said the four Tanzanian students were taken to hospital and later discharged since they had no money to foot their medical bills.

“On the deceased citizen, our embassy is now working on all necessary arrangements to fly back the body of the Tanzanian national,” he noted.

Local police in Bangalore revealed Friday arrests have been made in the recent case, “we have arrested four more persons on Thursday night in the assault case of Tanzanian woman, taking the total to nine, including five on Thursday morning,” NS Megharikh, Bangalore police commissioner, said. The case has caused uproar in India with students across the vast nation protesting the incident and the police response or lack thereof. According to reports, two police officers have been suspended following the incident.