India-based medical specialists recommend regular health checkups

Dr. Rajagopal, a specialist from  Apollo Hospitals in Hyderabad attending to one Idrisa Kanyamanga on a special two-day clinic at Hindu Mandal Hospital in Dar es Salaam

Dr. Rajagopal, a specialist at Apollo Hospitals in Hyderabad attending to one Idrisa Kanyamanga on a special two-day clinic at Hindu Mandal Hospital in Dar es Salaam

Visiting Indian medical specialists have urged Tanzanians, and Africans to undergo regular medical checkups to catch serious diseases in their early stages thereby increasing chances of successful treatment.

The specialists who were in Tanzania offering healthcare consultations and treatment for neuro and spine surgeries said Tanzania still lacks the know-how to prevent major diseases but with awareness improvement could be made.

“Awareness can be further improved by means of different forums where patients and doctors are further educated on preventive measures to allow early diagnosis,” Dr Vaishnav Rajgopal, a urologist at Apollo Hospitals in India said,

Dr. Rajgopal, who was consulting with the Hindu Mandal Hospital in Dar es Salaam said the small period he has been there the number of patients visiting the facility has significantly increased due to awareness of the availability of quality services.

The objective of the consultations by the doctors from Apollo Hospitals was to ensure that ailing patients receive the appropriate diagnoses and advice without having to incur great costs of travelling abroad.

Patients suffering from illnesses related to kidney and urine were invited to attend and participate in the events.

The doctors reached out to patients for follow-ups, reviewing patients’ medical history and advising on treatment as per submitted medical reports.

Dr Sanjay Maitra a specialist in nephrology (kidney care and treating kidney related diseases, chronic kidney disease (CKD), polycystic disease (PKD), acute renal failure and kidney stones) told this website “we intended to check on how their patients have been recovering, whether they require further tests and if any adjustment in treatment was required.”

In cases where a patient’s health was observed to be deteriorating, the doctors recommended them to go through further testing be at Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad or any other hospital of their (patient’s) choice.

Dr. Sanjay emphasized the importance of prevention and the necessity of having regular checkups to detect and prevent serious illness like kidney problems, epecially within adults that can be prevented.

He stressed Tanzanians need to be more aware that most of the kidney related issues in adults arise because of high blood pressure, diabetes, high levels of cholesterol, lack of exercise, poor eating habits and also taking improper mediations like pain killers among other causes.