International students flee Uganda in the wake of terror threats

Ugandan soldiers on guard

Ugandan troops on guard

International students studying at Uganda Christian University-Mukono one of the biggest privately owned universities have left the university with a total of 26 students from United States , Canada and UK believed to be among those who have gone back to their countries following a terror alert issued by the Ugandan police last week.

The last group of ten students left on Wednesday, a week before the expected time they were supposed to leave as the rest of students prepare for exams.

The University’s Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of External Relations, David Mugawe told this website that they released them prematurely to go back to their respective countries to avoid anxiety that was being mounted from their parents and guardians through the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities.

“The rest of the work that they have not completed is expected to be done while they are back in their respective countries.  Arrangements will also be made on when and how to do their exams,” he added.

The security at Uganda Christian University has also been beefed up since last Friday when the Ugandan Chief of Police, Gen Kale Kayihura warned that Somali militant group, Al-Shabaab, was planning to hit schools and education institutions along the Kampala-Jinja highway. This has seen the deployment of fully armed police officers at various universities.

The Uganda Christian University Vice Chancellor, John Senyonyi also issued a memo to all the university staff and students arguing them to stay vigilant and follow instructions issued by security personnel at campus.

“As always, the most vulnerable are the highly populated areas; the University is one such place. I urge you to keep alert and take particular precaution. Keep away if there is no necessity for you to be in a crowded public place. Please note that until a ‘stand down’ of the security alert is given, you are advised to use the University’s main gate as all other gates are to remain closed,” Senyonyi says in a memo.

Meanwhile, the Ugandan Police has arrested four suspected terrorists in Kasese district after intercepting them  at Nyakasanga, along the Kasese-Fort Portal road while traveling in a Land Cruiser with Kenyan registered number plates KAS 777R.

Bakari Muga, the Rwenzori Regional Police Spokesperson said  the four suspects, whose identities  were  concealed, were arrested on a directive from Police headquarters in Kampala. “The directive showed that the vehicle was transporting wrong people,” Muga said.


The suspects are being held at Kasese Central Police Station pending their transfer to Kampala on Friday (today). The arrest of the four suspects followed a terror alert issued by the police. It also came in the wake of the deadly Garissa Attack in Kenya that claimed nearly 150 lives.