Juliana Kanyomozi’s “Woman” goes global

Songstress Juliana Kanyomozi’s new song “Woman” is quickly gaining fame across Africa and around the world.

As its title indicates, the song is about a woman. It highlights the importance, power and influence of women

In the song Juliana focuses on the strength, bravery and the immense and invaluable contributions of our mothers, sisters, daughters, grandmothers and wives in all aspects of our lives.


Looking pretty

While launching the song’s video recently on Uganda’s NTV, Juliana talked about the inspiration of her new song and why it is not only touching hearts of Ugandans but also enthralling international music lovers.

“I just thought about hardships women go through in everyday life struggling to make ends meet as well as overcoming challenges hindering their development as feminine and came up with the song “Woman,” Ms Kanyomozi said.




Princess Juliana in the studio

Juliana told NTV she recently got a call from one of the leading women magazines in Haiti and that she is getting  many interview requests from organizations fighting for the empowerment of women around the world due to the message embedded in the song.

“Woman” comes at a time when the diva is trying to recover from the death of her only son Keron who passed away last year.

Singer Juliana is one of the few Ugandan female musicians who have raised the country’s flag higher by collaborating with regional artistes like Burundi’s Kidumu and Tanzania’s Bushoke.

The diva is also features at East Africa’s finest music contest Tusker Project Fame a judge.  Rwanda’s Alpha Rwirangira has twice won the competition. Seven Days Nabikoowa  (I got tired of everything), Say Yes, Nkulinze (I’m waiting for you) are some of Juliana’s other hits.

The Malayika Wange (My Angel) fame and  former I-Jay crewmember, Juliana is believed to be one of the most influential people in the East African region.





Juliana shooting the “Woman” video

Below is one of the verses of “Woman”:

verse 1

Little i know how she always flies away, the mystery of a woman
A saviour in the time of need, the bravery of a woman
in your time of need she does the deed, the magic of a woman,


woman, woman, a warrior is a woman
woman, woman, a savior is a woman
woman, woman, a warrior is a woman
woman, woman, a savior is a woman