Kagame lambasts UK, West over spy chief’s arrest

General Karenzi Karake will fight extradition to Spain

General Karenzi Karake will fight extradition to Spain

Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame has finally broke his silence on the arrest of his country’s Head of Intelligence and Security Services General Karenzi Karake by the United Kingdom over the weekend.

Kagame was furious UK authorities have contemptuously held the Rwandan spy chief and exercised selective injustice by arrogantly arresting the official they have been working with on various sensitive issues. Sources have told the BBC the spy chief was in London to meet with British Intelligence Services officials.

“How can you arrest our official without any basis of arrest? They (UK) don’t have any reason and ground for the arrest and this shouldn’t have happened in the first case.” A visibly irritated Kagame told parliamentarians and government officials in Kigali.

General Karenzi was arrested in London on Saturday 20, in what the UK government has dubbed an “operational obligation” to act on a European arrest warrant issued by a Spanish Judge in 2008.

In the Spanish Indictment Karenzi, and other 39 current and former high ranking Rwandan military officials are wanted for war crimes allegedly committed in the wake of the 1994 Rwandan Genocide.

Adding the arrest is a total disgrace for Africans and doesn’t represent the justice that the world upholds. Kagame stated “you cannot be telling us about justice yet you don’t respect it. Karake has been working with these people and we were shocked to hear that he is arrested”

Kagame also rebuked the West for its continued double standards when it comes to Justice for Africans especially Rwanda, saying that instead of arresting the criminals who have committed crimes in Rwanda, countries like the UK have continued to back, associate with, and host those criminals.

Kagame acknowledged UK’s funding to Rwanda but noted “even if you support us, of which we appreciate; it doesn’t mean that we (Rwandans) and Africans should be despised at all. You (West) must do the right thing, of which we agree on, but not doing what you like because you think we are a subordinate people”

Kagame went on to say the general’s arrest is absolutely unacceptable and that in the end Rwanda’s will prevail.

“But any decent Rwandan, any decent African, any decent human being, even any decent person from those countries (UK, Spain etc) cannot accept this, absolutely.” He said.

The Rwandan leader also took the opportunity to say that the reasoning behind the Chief spy’s arrest is the same ideology behind documentaries like the BBC’s Rwanda’s Untold Story, a controversial documentary challenging Rwanda’s official account of the Genocide highlighting the fact that Kagame and his forces also committed the Genocide.

Meanwhile, General Karezi has been granted a one million pound bail by the Westminster Magistrate’s Court in London. His next appearance in court is due in October as he fights extradition to Spain. He will be staying in London at the expense of the Rwandan embassy.