Kagame shuffles senior military officers

Lieutenant General Karenzi Karake has been appointed President Paul Kagame's Defense and Security Advisor.

Lieutenant General Karenzi Karake has been appointed President Paul Kagame’s Defense and Security Advisor.

President Paul Kagame of Rwanda has  appointed Lieutenant General Emmanuel Karenzi Karake Defense and Security Advisor to the president, and moved the military spokesman Brigadier General Joseph Nzabamwita, Secretary General of the National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS).

Lt. Gen. Karake was the head of National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS). General Karake grabbed international headlines last year when he was arrested in London, United Kingdom, in accordance with the European Arrest Warrants issued by the Spanish Authorities in 2008 against the spy chief and 39 other current and former high ranking officers of the Rwandan military for their alleged mass revenge killings in the wake of the 1994 Genocide in Rwanda. He was later released on bond and acquitted after Spain dropped the charges against him.

His arrest infuriated Rwandan authorities particularly President Kagame who lambasted the UK other Western countries for mistreating and disrespecting Africans with impunity.

“He (Karake) is here and has arrived this morning, but that is not enough because his arrest has not been explained. It is a step that he is here and we are happy for that but it is better we get explanation for his arrest,” Kagame said in August, 2015 upon Karake’s acquittal.

Kagame has also appointed Lieutenant Colonel Patrick Karuretwa Principal Private Secretary to the president.