Kagame wants explanations on spy chief’s arrest

General Karenzi Karake is free and back home

General Karenzi Karake is free and back home

President Paul Kagame of Rwanda has expressed gratitude his Intelligence Chief General Karenzi Karake is finally home but he is perturbed by the fact the there is no explanation for the arrest and demanded for explanation to the effect.

“He (Karake) is here and has arrived this morning, but that is not enough because his arrest has not been explained. It is a step that he is here and we are happy for that but it is better we get explanation for his arrest.” Kagame said.

General Karake, whose case was dropped by the a London court earlier this week, was arrested by London Met Police acting in accordance with the European Arrest Warrants issued by the Spanish Authorities in 2008 against General Karenzi and 39 other current and former high ranking officers of the Rwandan military for their alleged mass revenge killings in the wake of the 1994 Genocide in Rwanda.

After spending two months in the UK on restrictive bail, Karake finally arrived in Kigali Thursday morning where a few family members, government officials and media outlets were anxiously waiting to receive him.

Kagame, who is still infuriated by the general’s ordeal, reminded Rwandans of the complex global society they live in and said that they (Rwandans) have to continuously reject the attitude of being treated as subordinates.

The president made the remarks while presiding over the signing of 2015-2016 performance contracts by local leaders.

He told leaders to dig in their heels and fight the country’s ‘battles’ with resolve and determination.

Kagame said that because the country continues to be under attack by different forces, local leaders need to get involved by executing their district goals, and helping Rwandans to prosper.

Karake’s arrest has strained Rwanda’s relationship with the United Kingdom and Spain, and it remains to be seen whether either of the countries will explain the arrest or apologize for it.