Kenya-India Ties in the Works as Indian PM Narendra Modi Visits

President Uhuru Kenyatta welcomed Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, to Nairobi, Kenya ON Sunday evening.

Prime Minister Modi arrived in the country in the afternoon for a two—day visit during which he will hold bilateral talks with President Kenyatta to strengthen the partnership between Kenya and India.

President Kenyatta joined PM Modi at the Safaricom Kasarani Stadium where the Prime Minister was to address a rally attended by the Indian community in Kenya.

In his address to the gathering, President Kenyatta said that PM Modi’s visit is an indication of the strong ties between Kenya and India that span for more than a century.

“We are glad that you accepted my invitation to visit Kenya and the meeting we are holding here tonight is a clear indication of the long standing cultural, economic and people to people ties between Kenya and India,” said the President.

The President said Kenya is a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-religious nation that has opened its doors to all to join hands to develop the country.

He said the Indian community in Kenya is part and parcel of the country’s history, its present and will be part of its future as well.

President Kenyatta will officially receive the Indian leader at State House on Monday where they will hold bilateral talks. They will later address a joint press briefing after which they will attend a Kenya-India Business Forum.

Modi’s visit this week marks the first by an India Prime Minister in 35 years.

The last visit was in 1981 during the reign of retired President Daniel Moi, when both India PM Indra Gandhi, and President Neelam Sanjiva Reddy, toured the country.