Kenya kills Al Shabaab leader, terror group denies reports

Mahad Mohammed Karatey has been killed by the Kenyan military in Somali

Mahad Mohammed Karatey has been killed by the Kenyan military in Somali

Al Shabaab Deputy Commander Mahad Mohammed Karatey alias Mahat Karatey has been killed, The Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) has confirmed Thursday

Mahad, who also served as the head of the Somali-based jihadist group’s intelligence wing was allegedly killed in a major KDF air strike on Nadaris camp between Buale and Sukow, in Somalia.

According to the Kenyan military Karatey had gone to the camp on Monday last week to preside over the passing out of at least 80 recruits who were due for deployment to carry out more terrorist attacks against Kenya.

KDF spokesman David Obonyo says, at least 42 recruits were also killed in the ambush.

It is believed that the slain leader played a major role in the recent attack on KDF forces in El Adde camp. His death follows that of the militia group’s operation commander Abdi Dek in El Adde.

Meanwhile Al Shabaab has come out to dismiss Karatey’s reported death saying it was Kenyan military’s ploy to deflect public attention on their “significant losses” in Somali.

“The claims by Kenyan government that it killed what they called the Al Shabaab intelligence chief is a mere fabrication,” oAl Shabaab online radio Andulus said

Last month, the terrorist organization mounted a deadly assault on the Kenyan troops serving in Somalia killing several officers.

Kenya is at war with Al Shabaab and the group has carried out several deadly attacks in Kenya claiming hundreds of lives.

The US government last year designated Mr. Karatey a wanted terrorist, US air strikes have also been going after Al Shabaab leadership in Somalia but the terrorist group allied with Al Qaeda still poses a significant threat to Somalia, and to all countries that have contributed troops to the horn of Africa state.