Kenyan court acquits Mombasa bombing suspects

A high court in the Kenyan coastal city of Mombasa has acquitted two main suspects in the 2014 Lamu terror attacks of 60 counts of murder, in a landmark ruling that has shocked the East African nation.

In his verdict, Presiding Judge Justice Martin Muya stated that the case against the suspects, Dyana Salim Suleiman and businessman Mahadi Swaleh Mahadi popularly known as Jesus, did not carry enough weight to warrant any sentencing.

The judge added that the case at hand was not proven beyond reasonable doubt. The two join the first suspects in the same case Swaleh Shebe Auni and his co-accused Joseph Kimani, who were both found not guilty of 12 counts of murder.

Lamu, a small town in the coastline strip, witnessed a gruesome attack two years ago, in which at least 60 lives were lost following an ambush by Al-Shabaab militias. On June 15 and 16 2014, a group of about 60 people stormed Hindi location, throwing grenades and other explosives at the area police station. This led to massive bloodshed as pools of blood could be seen outside hotels and government offices in the aftermath of the attack.

The suspects had been accused of committing the heinous crimes. Barely a week after the alleged crimes, five more people were killed in another attack in Witu, not so far from Mpeketoni. Following the spate of attacks, a contingent of security officers were sent to the island, to ward off the terrorists.