Kidum,Frankie Joe friendship on the ropes over $2000


GOOD OL’ DAYS; Kidum (L) & Frankie (R)

There’s a growing feud between Burundi’s guitarist Jean Pierre Nimbona aka Kidum and Rwandan singer and ex-Big Brother Africa (BBA) contestant Frankie Joe after the latter reneged on contractual terms to pay the Nairobi-based star $2000 for performing at a BBA Reunion Concert in Kigali.The concert was organised by Frank Joe.

The war of words between the hitherto best buddies came to light Saturday night when Kidum performed at the BBA concert at Serena Hotel in Kigali but ditched the after party at Papyrus Bar. Kidum instead opted to go perform at Keizen Club, a move that infuriated Joe.

Kidum who had pocketed $2000 as advance for the BBA show, took to social media to make it clear his friendship with the ex-BBA star might be over.

“I liked the guy and I did take so many risks in my career to support him, I did good to come for his event but the guy and his team had other plans, anyway this is life.” Kidum posted on his Facebook page.

Frankie had agreed to pay Kidumu USD 4000 to perform at Serena and appear at the after party at Papyrus bar which pumped huge sums of money into the concert.
He says he held on to Kidum’s $2000 balance because his mentor and friend violated the terms of their contract.
“Kidum did not show up for the after party because he had another gig secretly at Keizen club hence violating the contract.” Joe told Afrika Reporter.

Kidum however, tells this website the Rwandan entertainer and his team must pay his balance and also the losses he incurred as he was supposed to perform in Nairobi, Kenya on Sunday night.

“I went to Keizen club at 3AM after performing both at Serena and Papyrus, so these fellas must pay my money through the courts of law, as a matter of fact I have already filed a complaint with the police station (muhima).”Kidum said


FRENEMIES: Kidum & Joe

Beefing aside, the concert was successful at showcasing Frankie’s projects after Big Brother Africa as well as introducing his fellow ex-BBA stars Tayo (Nigeria), Sabrina (Kenya) Ella (Uganda), Permithias (Namibia), Nnhalnhal (South Africa) to Rwandan fans.

Kidum and Frankie Joe’s relationship dates back to 2004 when Frankie was still a student at Butare University. Still a newbie in the music industry, Kidum recorded a song with him, Kipende Roho, a song that introduced him to the regional music scene.

Before the controversial night, while appearing at Kigali’s KT Radio, Kidum revealed Frankie Joe is like a kid brother to him and that in the past he as even skipped shows in Canada to visit him and his family.

Frankie Joe used to live in Canada with his Canadian Wife, the mother of his only son, he is now divorced. Well let’s hope these brothers can straighten their issues as gentlemen, a mere $2000 shouldn’t destroy their lengthy and healthy friendship.