Magufuli warns corrupt and inefficient gov’t officials to get their act together

President-elect Magufuli and his predecessor Kiwete

President-elect Magufuli and his predecessor Kiwete

Twenty four hours after being declared winner of last Sunday’s presidential poll, Tanzania’s president elect, Dr John Magufuli has signaled his government will tackle corruption and inefficiency within government circles.

Magufuli, who won the election by 58.5 % was addressing the nation Friday shortly after he and his running-mate Samia Hassan Suluhu received their election certificates from the National Electoral Commission (NEC) Chairman Justice (rtd) Damian Lubuva in Dar es Salaam.

He sternly warned corrupt civil servants to desist from the vice or risk losing their jobs during his tenure in office.
Magufuli told Tanzanians he is ready to take the county’s big challenges (of dilapidated infrastructure, water and power shortages and improving the economy) head on.

“This is the victory day for all Tanzanians and not CCM members. I was elected by Tanzanians and not CCM members … I will work for Tanzanians regardless of their age, sex, political affiliation,” he said in his first official address.

Magufuli, thanked his supporters and ruling party faithful for delivering victory and the electoral commission for managing the election exercise.

“I will dearly need your support and cooperation to fully implement the election manifesto and bring positive transformation needed,” Magufuli said.

Outgoing president, Jakaya Kikwete, expressed his trust and full confidence in Magufuli saying he was optimistic “Magufuli can bring changes needed now.”

“He will take the nation to the next level where I did not reach … you can change the country’s economy into a middle income country by 2025,” the two-term leader told his successor.

The colorful and victory ceremony was mostly attended by CCM members and supporters of the ruling party. Opposition candidates; Macmillan Lyimo (TLP), Hashimu Rungwe (Chauma) and Edward Lowassa (Chadema) skipped the event.

Magufuli’s main rival, Lowassa, of Chadema and UKAWA has said he will accept the ‘doctored’ results that do not reflect the desires of majority of Tanzanians.

“We refuse to accept this attempt to rob the citizens of Tanzania of their democratic rights, which is being done by the National Electoral Commission by announcing results which are not the actual results and that are intended to take away our victory,” Lowassa told reporters Thursday.

Former Nigerian leader Goodluck Jonathan, Commonwealth head of election observation mission in Tanzania called on the ruling party and the president-elect to abide by the election manifesto and fulfill campaign promises to the people.

Magufuli, 56, will be officially sworn in next Thursday November 5, and he says he will head to work right way. The president-elect is the current Minister of Work. He has been nicknamed “The Bulldozer” for his work in refurbishing and constructing roads across the country.