Magugufuli mini skirt ban is a hoax, says govt


The Tanzanian government has dismissed recent widespread reports that President John Magufuli had banned wearing of mini-skirts in public places labeling them malicious and unfounded.

Earlier this week a Kenyan newspaper The Standard published a news article about President Magufuli’s impending ban on mini-skirts across Tanzania and subsequently the piece spread all over the social media platforms.

According to the Standard the government’s decision would be aiming at curbing the spread of HIV and AIDs.

Following the Standard article, Both the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and that of Information, Youth, Arts and Sports in Tanzania have issued statements debunking the report saying it was fabricated and in contravention of the Cyber Crime Act, 2015.

“To put the record straight forward, there is no ban issued on miniskirts by the president,” read the government statement in part.

The government circular number 3 of 2007 issued by the President’s Office Public Service Management doesn’t recommend wearing exposing and tight attire but the government has categorically refuted the latest alleged ban on mini-skirts.

The Standard article indicated Magufuli had issued a three-week ultimatum to women to ditch their indecent clothing or risk legal action including arrest and a Sh 100,000 fine.

Magufuli’s rumoured ban on mini-skirts caused a stir on social media and many were starting make comparisons with neighbouring Uganda where the government 2013 Anti-Pornography bill drew outrage and condemnation after authorities threatened to arrest women wearing “indecent” clothing. Hundreds of women battled the police as they marched through Kampala streets protesting the measure.