Mkapa warns of Third World War, calls for reform of UN Security Council



SOUNDING ALARM: Former TZ leader Benjamin Mkapa (Pictured L) foresees another World War


DAR ES SALAAM-Tanzania’s ex-president Benjamin Mkapa said on Wednesday  the spate of “bogus” leadership and hunger for other states’  natural resources were creating tensions around the globe that might effectively  lead to the Third World War.

Speaking on the state of global affairs, Mkapa observed that there has been a growing trend where countries and leaders have invaded neighbouring states purposely to claim ownership of, or plunder other countries’ resources.

Mkapa who was visiting Tanzania’s National Defense College (NDC) at Kunduchi near Dar es Salaam also said “We need good leadership … we, indeed need participatory governance especially in key decision making”

He posited the ‘impending” global war will be more catastrophic than First and Second World Wars given the advances in technology and the fact that many countries now possess  weapons of mass destruction.

Without naming names, the former president condemned countries that flout international law, terrorist organisations, religious bigotry, racism and tribalism.

Mkapa also utilized the opportunity to call for the timely reform of the UN Security Council, “This is also a time the United Nations Security Council should be reformed” he said adding the UN body was formed many years ago, and it doesn’t represent the world of today where several countries have grown both economically and politically yet they are not members of the council and therefore have no say on crucial issues or crises of the day.

The Security Council is primarily charged with the maintenance of international peace and security. It is comprised of 15 members, and each member has one vote.  The council has 5 permanent members (US, Russia, France, China and the UK) with veto powers and 10 rotating members that are elected by the General assembly for a two-year period. Currently, Angola, Chad and Nigeria represent Africa on the council as rotating members.