Museveni vows to stop Muslim cleric killings

Sheikh Ibrahim Hassan Kirya, 12th Muslim cleric to be gunned down in Uganda in the last 2 years.

Sheikh Ibrahim Hassan Kirya, 12th Muslim cleric to be gunned down in Uganda in the last 2 years.

The President of Uganda Yoweri Museveni has assured Muslims in the country his government will decisively deal with those criminals who have been “perpetuating the killing of Muslim leaders.”

Museveni was addressing Muslims Friday, in Masaka Municipality, West of the capital Kampala, as they were attending Eid al-Fitr prayers and celebrating the holy month of Ramadan.

The president said the government has already apprehended some suspects in the rampant killing of Muslim clerics in Uganda and the relentless hunt for those still at large is going on.

“We already have Jamil Mukulu and have already made good arrests of the criminals and we shall ultimately defeat them.” Museveni said

Jamil Mukulu is the rebel leader of the Democratic Republic of Congo-based Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) who was recently extradited to Uganda from Tanzania to face murder charges.

The Ugandan authorities claim he has been implicated in the killings of Muslim leaders in the Busoga region, Eastern Uganda.

Museveni also appealed to all Muslims to unite for the sake of strengthening their faith and country.

Over the last two years, twelve clerics have been gunned down assassination style in Uganda and the authorities are yet to identify the motive or the group (s) behind the killing.

The latest Muslim leader to be shot dead is Sheikh Ibrahim Hassan Kirya, who was gunned down two weeks ago. In all these deaths, the assailants trail their targets on motorcycles and shoot them to death and disappear unidentified.

The killings have created panic within the Muslim community as clerics are worried about their safety.

Despite the fact that the Ugandan Police has been providing security to prominent leaders in terms of bodyguards, the killings have not stopped.