New Opposition Cabinet unveiled in Tanzania

The Leader of Opposition in Tanzania’s parliament Freeman Mbowe has unveiled a new Shadow Cabinet comprising members from parties forming the coalition of people’s constitution popularly known as Ukawa.

Mbowe told the National Assembly in Dodoma on Friday that the 19-member Shadow Cabinet will also include 19 deputies who will work the government of President John Magufuli.

He said the appointments are in accordance with the parliamentary standing order section 15 (2) that confer powers to the leader of opposition to announce his shadow cabinet.

According to Mbowe who is also a national chairman of the main opposition Chama cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo (Chadema), the President’s Office, the Regional Administration and Local Governments docket, the shadow minister will be Japhal Michael and Joseph Mkundi as his deputy.

Lucy Mollel will be the spokesperson in the office of the president’s public service and good governance. In the Vice President’s Office (Union and Environment) the new shadow minister is Ali Salehe Ali and his deputy will be Pauline Gekul.

Ester Bulaya will be in charge of the Prime Minister’s Office, parliament, employment, policy and the disabled and will be assisted by Yusufu Makame and Mafutaha Abdullah.

Tundu Lissu retained his post as shadow minister for constitutional and legal affairs and will be assisted by Abdullah Ntolellah.

Hamid Hassan Oban is the new shadow minister for water and irrigation, his deputy is Peter Lijualikari. In the ministry for works, transport and communications, the shadow minister is Eng James Mbatia. His deputy spokesperson is Willy Kambaloo. Public Health shadow minister is Dr Godwin Mollel and his deputy is Zubeda Sakul.

Kwawe MP (Chadema) Halima Mdee is the new Finance and Planning Shadow Minister and she will be assisted by David Silinde. Mbowe announced that Joseph Mbilinyi retained his post as shadow minister for Information, Youth, Arts and Sports and his deputy will be Devotha Minja.

Industry and trade shadow minister is Anthony Komo and his deputy is Cesil Mwambe. The Education docket will be overseen by Suzan Lyimo and her deputy will be Dr Ally Suleiman Yusufu.

The opposition leader also announced John Mnyika, shadow minister for Energy and Minerals while John Heche will be the deputy.

In the foreign affairs ministry, Peter Msigwa will lead the post assisted by Rizik Shahadi. Msigwa was transferred from the ministry of tourism and natural resources, the ministry which will be overseen by Ester Matiko being assisted by Secilia Pareso.

Wilfred Rwakatale will be the shadow minister for lands and housing and his deputy is Salima Mohamed. Godbless Lema wil take over Home Affairs Ministry and his deputy is Masoud Abdallah Salim.

In the ministry of agriculture and fisheries, Magdalena Sakaya will be assisted by Dr Emaculata Swalehe. The ministry for Defense and National Service will be headed by Jumaa Hamadi Omar and his deputy is Mwita Waitara.