Nigeria’s P-Square family feud spills over to social media


Nigerian superstar twins Peter Okoye and Paul Okoye aka P-Square are soon parting ways as the estranged brothers took their brewing feud to social media recently.

It all started with Peter Okoye who denounced their brother/manager Jude Okoye from their music business empire and warned that nobody should deal with Jude Okoye in the name of P-Square.

Jude Okoye hit back appealing to P-Square fans to kneel and pray for his brother because he has been going through a lot in life lately.
Sources close to the brothers say Peter was not happy with their manager Jude’s decision to launch a new record label.
Paul Okoye has also joined the fray by urged the feuding family not to air their dirty laundry in public.


“This where music is made not on social media, you got problems solve them privately not on social, blood is blood but if you can’t do family bisines then who am i to you?” he posted on his instagram a picture of him and Jude, with Peter cut off.
Upon noticing the image on Instagram, Peter wasted no time chiming in posting “You cut me off from the picture to show the world that am this bad guy who likes rants on social media but i wish you well brother,” on Instagram.

P-Square started off as dancers, they then blossomed into one of the best music band Africa has ever produced. But if this infighting is anything to go by, the band members will soon be embarking on solo projects.

The Chop My Money hit maker has worked with international superstars like Akon and Rick Ross among others.

The multiple award winner, P-Square is among the most successful and richest music groups on the continent. Each of the three brothers recent bought a house in Buckhead, Atlanta, USA. This affluent neighbourhood is also home to famous US rappers like T.I aka King of the South.