No clear front-runner in TZ presidential race

THE MAN TO FIX EDUCATION & RAMPANT UNEMPLOYMENT: Former Tanzanian Prime Minister and Candidate for President, Edward Lowassa

THE MAN TO FIX EDUCATION & RAMPANT UNEMPLOYMENT: Former Tanzanian Prime Minister and Candidate for President, Edward Lowassa

The latest Tanzania Education Development Research Organization (TEDRO) survey shows most Tanzanians think former Premier Edward Lowassa, is the man to fix massive unemployment and education in the country.

But the Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) stalwart trails other candidates on other major issues like integrity, good governance, economic transformation and fighting corruption.

Finance Deputy Minister Mwigulu Nchemba who is widely expected to join the race for president, leads the pack on all the four metrics.

The countrywide survey also showed Nchemba had scored A for being able to give a presidential speech.

Speaking to members of the press in Dar es Salaam Sunday, TEDRO Director General Jacob Daniel said the survey which was conducted for a month long focused on public opinion on priorities identified in candidates,

The survey analyzed speeches delivered by all presidential candidates: Mwigulu Nchemba, January Makamba, Steven Wasira, Bernard Membe, Prof Mark Mwandosya, Prof Sospeter Muhongo, Edward Lowassa, William Ngeleja, Khamis Kigwangala, Fredrick Sumaye. Others are Justice (rtd) Augustino Ramadhani Makongoro Nyerere, Mizengo Pinda, Samwel Sitta, John Magufuri, Harrison Mwakyembe and Dr Asha-Rose Migiro.

On Personal Integrity, the survey shows Nchemba with 15per cent, Membe (13 per cent), Mwandosya (13 percent) Pinda and the remaining had (-10 percent).

“Improving good governance and war against corruption show Nchemba with (17 per cent) Magufuri (14 percent) and Membe (11 percent) –remaining had less than 10 percent.” Daniel announced.

Nchemba also got 16 percent public trust in transforming the country to middle income status by 2025, Lowassa (13 percent) and Wasira (11 percent).

54% respondents said they watched Lowassa’s speech as he launched his candidacy a few weeks ago, other CCM candidates’ speeches were not watched as much.

On education Lowassa had 25 percent public confidence that if he is elected he would improve the quality of public education. Nchemba received (18 percent), Membe 16 percent, Makamba (13 percent) and Magufuli (12 percent).

The survey showed however that the public had much confidence Prime Minister Pinda on improving agriculture and livestock sector with 23 percent followed by Lowassa (17 percent), Nchemba (16 percent) and Membe (11 percent).

About 19 percent of the respondents surveyed okayed Lowassa to succeed President Kikwete to improve the situation of employment in the country.

The director general told reporters the purpose of the survey was to determine to what extent the public was following the general election process.

“This also helps to indicate who the people’s choice is,” he said. The survey was conducted in 20 districts form Tanzania mainland where at least 1000 residents were drawn each from rural and urban communities.

The general election in Tanzania is due in October. More than 20 candidates are fighting for CCM’s nomination.

Majority of the candidates in the crowded field are members of Kikwete’s current cabinet

The party’s flag bearer will be the favourite to succeed President Jakaya Kikwete as the next President of Tanzania.