Not too late to unclog that blockage in your life

You see this somewhat universally experienced condition, which by the way l read is called paresthesia, can also be experienced in other aspects of our lives. Think of how you have been in that job that you no longer enjoy, and yet are afraid of leaving to follow where your passion is leading.

See how that business once passionately engaged in, now saps the life out of you just by the mere dawning of a new day. Or is it that relationship that you are so numb about that not even a session with Dr. Phil can revive the joy and hope that now only remains a faint memory. Or may be, it is that spiritual life you have ignored so long, you no longer think God has a place for you anywhere near Him.

Whatever the case is for you, if you are still alive and walking on this earth, there’s hope for you. You see just as sitting on a leg or sleeping on an arm leads to paresthesia, we too can find ourselves experiencing some paresthesia in our lives.

That energy of life that once revitalized hobbies, careers, pursuit of knowledge, social justice, relationships, passions whatever it may have been, can be cut off. And the result is a numbing, detachment and deep resentment of life and all that relates to it. We start living life not with the energy and zeal that makes people history makers. Like a withering branch deficient of the tree’s life, we slump and resign ourselves to whatever the world around us throws our way.

But my friend, today I make an earnest plea to you, please let that ‘blood’ flow again. Pick up that journal, dust it off and begin pursuing those dreams you once had strong conviction would come true. That project can still be completed, that degree can be achieved, oh that business can yet thrive. That relationship can be healed. Saying “am sorry” is all it may need. And for you who feels so prodigal, there’s still a welcome back home.

Life can flow through to what has been stiff and prickly. It takes some right adjustments, some shaking yourself and allowing your senses to remember what a thrill life used to be when you lived it with faith and passion.

The Good book in Proverbs says, “better a live dog than a dead lion”. If there is life in you my friend, then there is enough to awaken the greatness you once believed resided in you. Make those necessary adjustments however difficult they may seem.

Just as it is when recovering from paresthesia, it may prick, hurt or even be scary, but to attain normal feeling on that limb, you must endure the temporary discomfort.
So go ahead you visionary. Run with the vision; endure the pain and discomfort as you rediscover the passion you once lived life with. I bid you Godspeed.