‘Ousted’ Rwanda media boss breaks silence

GOV'T WAS OUT TO GET ME: Former Rwanda Media Commission Chairman

GOV’T WAS OUT TO GET ME: Former Rwanda Media Commission Chairman

The former Rwanda Media Commission (RMC) chairman, Fred Muvunyi, has finally spoken out after days of being silent on his untimely resignation. His sudden resignation sparked off rumors in the main stream media that he was forced to stand down by the government

Barely two days after Muvunyi’s resignation on May 12, 2015, Rwanda’s Ministry of Local government alleged that Muvunyi was indiscipline and undermined the role of the minister, Francis Kaboneka, in managing his duties.

In a statement, Ladislas Ngendahimana, the ministry’s spokesman, said earlier on that: “He (Muvunyi) appealed asking the ministry to disband the Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) and change its mandate, since its leaders are nothing before him. In this he insulted the minister telling him that unless RGB is disbanded, the Ministry is useless.”

Responding to the circumstances his resignation, Muvunyi said, on social media, that before his resignation, he had noticed a plot (by government) to remove him from office.

“We should read the signal of times; the RMC [is] being manipulated by foreign forces to serve their purpose,” one of the text messages released by Muvunyi reads.

Another issue surrounding Muvunyi’s resignation is the speculations on state of media freedom report which he was blocked from releasing by RGB.

Ngendahimana said that the ministry has no idea about it. “That is a fabrication. Internal matters are handled internally” he said, but journalists in Kigali have rebuffed the ministry’s denial to the fact that it orchestrated his departure.

The Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) which also governs media activities in Rwanda has not said anything in relation to the above allegations.