Over 3,500 people have perished in TZ road accidents this year

President Jakaya Kikwete launching National Road Safety Week Monday

President Jakaya Kikwete launching National Road Safety Week Monday

Road accidents in Tanzania are surpassing Malaria as a major killer in Tanzania, this year so far about 3,534 Tanzanians have died in road accidents and road-related incidents, according to the country’s Home Affairs Ministry.

More alarming, records show that between 2010 and 2014 road accidents have claimed about 19, 264

people in Tanzania.

It is because of these staggering statistics that the government of Tanzania is taking stern measures to enhance road safety on the country’s roads.

President Jakaya Kikwete Monday launched the Road Safety Week in which officials will create awareness on dangers of road accidents, and the need for proper road use to curb road accidents.

The government is also introducing an electronic payment system for traffic fines to address corruption and inefficiencies in the system. No more exchange of cash between motorists and traffic police officers.

President Kikwete has ordered the immediate establishment of a special system to allow motorists pay their traffic fines by mobile phone or banking.

Speaking at Tangamano grounds in Tanga region to launch the National Road Safety Week, the President also instructed the national road council to introduce a special score card system to identify reckless drivers who repeatedly violate roads signs and laws.

“This will help the authorities take appropriate actions which include de-licensing motorists,” the president said adding “It will definitely reduce deadly traffic accidents across the country.”

Nearly 56 per cent of traffic cases reported at the country’s traffic department results from reckless driving and thus injuries, property destruction and passenger deaths.

National Road Council Executive Secretary, Deputy Police Commissioner Mohammed Mpinga said the purpose for the national road safety week is to sensitize Tanzanians and motorists on safe road use.

Mpinga who is the Chief Traffic Police said “as we launch the safety week today we remind the nation on the necessity to fight and prevent road accidents.”