Piles of bodies discovered in Bujumbura

Suspected gunmen killed by the police in Bujumbura's opposition strong hold of Cibitoke.

Suspected gunmen killed by the police in Bujumbura’s opposition strong hold of Cibitoke earlier this week

Between 20 and 40 bodies of young and middle-aged men have been found in opposition strongholds in the Burundian capital Bujumbura. Some reports are indicating as many as 80 dead bodies have been discovered marking the deadliest and bloodiest day since the current turmoil broke out in April this year.

According to sources the dozens of victims had been killed execution style with gunshots to the head with their hands tied behind their backs.

The bodies were located  Musaga and Nyakabiga neighbourhoods although residents in other opposition areas reported seeing dead bodies on the streets.

“The police and the army have been picking up these boys from their homes at night, we are lucky to even to find their bodies, God help us,” Jean Nzayisenga, a resident Musaga told Afrika Reporter.

According to AP one eyewitness said he personally counted 21 bodies with gunshot wounds in Nyakabiga.

A video clip obtained by this website show the police and the military surrounding young men laying on top of each other on a lorry.

Saturday’s gruesome discovery comes a day after at least 15 people died in the coordinated attacks on military installations in the Central African nation’s capital.

The US and the UN have condemned the escalating violence but residents in Bujumbura are appealing to the international community for tangible help.

“We have heard enough of their sympathies, all we need now is real help, they need to come and stop this carnage,” Marie Claire Uwimana, a teacher in Bujumbura told this website.

Over 300 people have died in the conflict that has blighted Burundi for about 8 months. Many are warning this latest upsurge in violence and deaths point to an imminent civil war.