Rain or shine, Stromae is coming to Kigali

Stromae family ties, the reason he wants to make it to his huge fan-base in Rwanda

Stromae family ties, the reason he wants to make it to his huge fan-base in Rwanda

After a failed African tour this June, Paul Van Haver aka ‘Stromae’ says he is now getting ready to rock Rwandans later this month.

The Popular Rwandan-Belgian singer, cancelled the much hyped June show having come down with Malaria says he is in good shape to pull it off this time around.

Stromae had also expressed anxiety about performing in Rwanda saying the land of a thousand hills was last on his list for a specific reason and that was only known to him.
“I am very anxious about the Rwanda trip, I don’t know what I expect in the land of my origin” Stromae was quoted as saying in June.

The 30-year who is currently on tour in the United States is expected to perform in the Rwandan capital Kigali, October 17 after a stop in Kinshasa, the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Thousands of fans were disappointed in June one of their own had not showed up to perform many furiously demanding a refund of their cash from equally infuriated promoters.

Positive Production, the official promoters of Stromae’s anticipated show in Rwanda, say that this time shine or rain the show will go on as scheduled.

“We know many Rwandans were disappointed but this time, the artiste is preparing and very ready to clean his reputation in Rwanda after the unprecedented frustration caused earlier on” said Judo Kanobana of Positive Production said.

“I am anxious to see Stromae, and to learn from his story of success in music. We pray that he makes to Kigali and in his motherland” Adam Udi, an upcoming local artiste told this website

In Rwanda, Stromae is famously known for his songs- ‘Papaoutai’ and ‘Formidable’ but the millennial Belgian underground became a global sensation in 2009 with the song ’Alors on danse’ from his album ’Cheese’. In 2013, his second album ’square Racine carree’ was an incredible success. Before going mainstream, Stromae was a star on the Brussels underground hip hop scene.

Stromae was born in Belgium to a Rwandan father and a Flemish mother. His father, an architect, was mostly absent during his childhood and was killed during the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.