Rwanda is ready for a new leader-Green Party



Dr. Frank Habineza, the chairman of Green Party, one of the ‘lightweight’ opposition parties in Rwanda has said the opposition is ready to govern the country, and that the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) should be ready for a challenge in the forthcoming elections in 2017.

“The RPF should choose another flag bearer, not Paul Kagame, and if they (RPF) don’t have a candidate, we are also ready and prepared to lead this country.” Habineza, told local press at parliament while presenting petitions against Kagame third term bid.

Habineza says the reason his party is against the third term is because the country is ready for another leader to take over from President Kagame.

“We are ready to replace Kagame and the RPF shouldn’t worry about looking for someone to replace him” he said.

Green party boss however, expressed disappointment over the reception of his party’s petition against the amendment of the constitution article 101.

“We found no official to receive us like it is supposed to be. We were told to hand the petitions to the receptionist” he said.

Out of the other 11 opposition political parties in Rwanda, the Green Party one of the first political groups to publically come out to oppose Kagame’s bid for third term and possible alteration to the constitution. Other members of the opposition are actually pushing for Kagame’s third term bid.

So more than two million Rwandans have petitioned parliament to amend the constitution and remove the term limits.

Kagame’s second seven-year constitutional term ends in 2017.

The Rwandan leader of one of several leaders in East and Central Africa barred by their respective countries’ constitution from running for a third term.

Third term bids have been problematic to the region as evidenced by the ongoing conflict in Burundi, where President Pierre Nkurunziza just survived a coup scare. Over the past two weeks Burundians have massively protested against Nkrunziza’s third term bid, but he is not budging.