Rwanda Media Commission chairman resigns


Fred Muvunyi, Former Chairperson of Rwanda Media Commission


Fred Muvunyi, the Chairperson of Rwanda Media Commission (RMC) has resigned from his post barely two years in office.

Muvunyi was elected chairperson in September 2013 with a mandate of three years. He resigned on May 12, 2015.

His resignation also comes at a time when Muvunyi has not been in good books with the government over his open criticism of the government on issues relating to media freedom

Reliable sources indicate that Muvunyyi has of recent been blocked by Rwanda Governance Board, when he attempted to release a state of the media report 2015- which many say was scathing to the government.

In an email to the RMC board, Muvunyi tendered in his resignation but didn’t give specific reason for his untimely resignation.

“Have stepped down as Rwanda media Commission Chairman. Fellow journalists thanks for the trust & support. Blessings above all.” He stated on his twitter handle on May 12, at 11.16am

RMC commissioner Marie Immaculee Ingabire,  confirmed that they had received Muvunyi’s resignation and stated that he will be temporary replaced by his vice-chairman, Cleophas Barore but said that Muvunyi had not made any consultation with the board before taking the decision.

Journalists in Kigali have not received Muvunyi’s resignation with open hands and have been left with many unanswered questions.

“The media industry is going to be disappointed, how can it rebuild without you!  Otherwise you have done well” one journalist, Jean Paul Turatsinze said in a reply tweet

Muvunyi is also an award winning investigative journalist with the New Times and will be remembered for his independent ideas and mindset, which many journalists believe he was brave enough to voice.