Rwanda Media Commission denies former boss was pushed out


Fred Muvunyi, former Chairperson of Rwanda Media Commission


The Rwanda Media Commission (RMC) has denied allegations that former commission chairman, Fred Muvunyi was forced to resign by government ‘pressure’.

Earlier this week when former media commission boss suddenly resigned, Journalists in Kigali were furious alleging, Muvunyi was under ‘pressure’ from government to quit.

Acting chairperson, Cleophas Barore, who took over from Muvunyi , told journalists that the commission has nothing to do with Muvunyi’s resignation and there was no sign he was under any alleged pressure.

“We, as the board, have only been seeing these claims of pressure, in the media and online outlets. He (Muvunyi) never talked about it officially and we have not even seen any signs of pressure.” Barore said.

Last year, Muvunyi was opposed to the government’s decision to close down the BBC Kinyarwanda version after the broadcaster ran a documentary challenging the official narrative of the 1994 Genocide. The US Embassy in Kigali stood by Muvunyi on grounds he was entitled to his opinion.